Whenever you’re looking at a gun stuff website and you find this little notice:

…that’s pretty much a crib sheet for places where you do not want to live.

This particular one spotted at Firequest, where they sell “exotic” (a.k.a. “cool but spendy”) stuff, e.g.:  As I said to Combat Controller (who sent me the link), at that price I don’t just want death, I expect thermonuclear action at the naughty end.


    1. For some reasons, Floriduh has a thing about incendiary ammo starting fires. Like a swamp’s gonna burn up…

      1. The scrub forests here in Florida burn rather enthusiastically. Been downwind of one rather nasty fire. The scrub forest has a lot of dead matter and the palms are loaded with palm oil and can actually explode.

        However, there was another natural disaster: Rick Scott; our jelly-spined squish of a “Republican” governor. After the Stoneman Douglas shootings, he sought to ensure his campaign for a Senate seat by rushing into law several feel-good, do-sumthin, anti-gun bills, like an onerous Red Flag law and a uncompensated bump stock ban.

        Fortunately, our new governor Ron DeSantis has gone a long way in supporting the 2nd Amendment. And we have long memories, so when Scott ungulates for reelection in 4 years, we will be there to remind him of his continued RINO duplicity.

      2. Florida basically banned incendiary ammo a number of years ago, right after the Dragon’s Breath shotgun ammo came out. They also outlawed armor piercing bullets, bolo rounds, and flechette rounds.

  1. Much more economical way to have dealt with the Yorkshire Ripper than the ridiculous amount they actually spent on him, plus I suspect more comforting to his victims and their families.

  2. Here’s another of Old Dave’s “back in the day” stories so be warned. I’m not going to comment on the states that have prohibited exotic or specialty ammunition, but rather on the uselessness of one type of well hyped round.

    When I started with the sheriff in the early 90s we had no permanently assigned courthouse security. I knew that a couple of our judges carried snub .38s or PPKs but that’s another story. If we had a high threat court case the judge would ask the sheriff to assign a couple of reserve deputies to keep an eye on things. So I ended up doing some court duty.

    Our courthouse was a beautiful old WPA building with hard terazzo floors. At the time I carried a 4″ 686 Smith loaded with high velocity .357 hollow points. I started to wonder what would happen if I fired a round or three in that environment. Lots of bouncing lead and fragments even if as I hoped I hit the bad guy.

    At the time Glaser Safety Slugs were all the thing as a bullet that would blow very big holes in the bad guy and not over penetrate and break up on hard surfaces. I bought two six round blister packs of blue tip .38 special rounds for two or three bucks a round – a lot of money 25 years ago. I loaded six rounds in my pistol and went out to make the courthouse a better place.

    I told my boss what I’d done and his first question was “Have you shot any of it? How do you know where it hits?” We weren’t worried about approved ammunition or liability in those days. So we took a trip to the range and shot some wet phone books because once again that’s all we had. I found that the rounds opened up almost immediately when they hit any surface and if I had to use them on one of our 300 pounders I’d produce a fairly large but very shallow hole – and one very pissed off bad guy.

    So I went back to my hollow points and threw the second blister pack into an ammo box. I found it a few months back. As the Captain and I walked off the range I remember him saying “If that stuff worked, everybody would carry it. You got some education today for not too much money.”

    1. Consider yourself lucky that they all went “bang”. I’ve got at least one .38 that didn’t, and I think I had the same problem with some .25acp. Primers never popped. Don’t know if that was a common problem for that ammo.

    1. Most of the “exotic” ammo is bullshit. Never mind the cost, it doesn’t work that well — see ltdave’s comment above — and its actual utility is very limited.

      THAT SAID: I would love to use a Dragon’s Breath 12ga shell on some Pantifa thug holding a Molotov cocktail. (Can you say “fireball”, children?)

  3. I can’t find the item at that website which lists MN as a restricted delivery location. Your edited list includes MN, but leaves off IL where no one in their right mind would choose to live.

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