Slim Pickings

Reader ChetP writes:

“I notice that your blogging seems to have fallen off recently.  Is everything okay?”

Thankee for asking, Chet, and yes, everything’s just fine.  The reasons that this back porch has been somewhat lacking in content recently are manifold.

I am sick to death of writing about the fucking Chinkvirus, probably as sick as everyone is getting about reading about said Chinkvirus.  Take Chinkvirus reports out of news coverage, and total content would drop by about half.

I am also sick to death of writing about the fucking election.  Personally, I can’t wait for the thing to be over, Trump reelected to a second term and the Communist Hysteria be dialed up to 25 (on a 10-point scale) so that I might finally get to test those New ‘N Improved hollowpoints on something other than paper.

Alert Readers will note that I have refrained from writing about Biden’s wastrel son and their familial corruption.  This is mostly like complaining about the flies buzzing around a dead horse:  the horse is dead and the flies are therefore irrelevant to his condition.  Biden’s going to lose (bigly) and all this other shit is just pointless.

If you skim through any online newspaper and subtract the above three topics and articles related thereto, your read will be a short one.  (“Bette Midler turns to Jesus for help in getting rid of Trump”  may be ironically funny, coming from someone whose previous behavior has, to put it mildly, been somewhat devoid of Christian principle, but it’s hardly worth writing about, is it?)

So the rest of today’s posts will all be about manly stuff like guns and cars, because that’s the primary reason why most of my Readers stop by here anyway.


  1. “So the rest of today’s posts will all be about manly stuff like guns and cars because that’s the primary reason why most of my Readers stop by here anyway.”
    Hate to be a disagreeable old sot (not really), but that’s not the reason I’m a daily reader.
    To me, a car is a means to get me from one place to another on this ball of mud, nothing more; something goes wrong, I fix it, something really major: I take it to the garage or junk it. Sorta like a horse: something goes wrong, I fix it; something major, I take it to the vet or put it down.
    You left out your appreciation of feminine pulchritude. While you and I have different values of Venus (I like ’em skinny and “high-pocketed”), I find your portrayal of the majority of the old-time silver screen girls far from a waste of time, as one of my friends put it. Sorta like spending time at the Louvre.
    Guns, like cars, are a tool, period. Some say it’s ridiculous the time and money I spend at the range (and moreso loading my own); I tell ’em it might just be the only difference between Itzhak Perlman on his violin and me on my fiddle. No sense owning a tool if you can’t use it properly – you might get hurt!
    No! The only reason I stop by daily is to look at my country through your eyes: a slightly skewed, but far from myopic picture written by an immigrant who became a citizen, wants to be here, and has taken advantage of the freedoms this country still has to offer.

  2. “Living In The Mental Ward At Bellevue.”

    Ain’t that the effing truth? And when the political ads are finally over, we still have a month or more of Medicare/Medicaid supplemental insurance ads to deal with.

  3. re:
    the new-improved David Letterman televisionprogramming aka ‘slim pickings’

    The last time I owned a television set was sometime last century.
    I have zero-zero-zero interest in televisionprogramming.

    Act One:
    I visit elderly shut-ins.
    Every home has a television set blasting.
    The television set occupies a prominent place in the living room, the family room, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and occasionally in the bathrooms.

    This’s the way I discovered the next iteration of Letterman.
    The last version of Letterman was approximately equal to Jerry Seinfeld… insulting to any intelligence at any level, and an utter waste of time.

    Act Two:
    The new Letterman seems to concentrate on ‘media personalities’ and ‘socialites’ and other non-producers, landfills such as Ellen deGenerous.
    They remind me of ZsaZsa Gabor on the old Johnny Carson variety televisionprogramming, famous for being famous.

    For contrast, the Ed Sullivan variety televisionprogramming had dinner-plate spinners on sticks and the worst ventriloquist in the known universe, Senior Wenches with his painted thumbs.

    Inevitably, one of the Kardashian mess was interviewed by Letterman.
    In all the seriousness he could muster, he asked it about such burning issues as ‘who does your hair?’.
    Although I imagine I could be interested in watching a train wreck or a cat-herder, I can’t, in my weirdest dreams, imagine the type of person with the time to waste on such idiocy.

    So, I invest my time, my limited and precious time, learning about the history of small people, the makers of functional products and the wise stringer-togetherers of words.
    For some strange reason, if a writer can create a vivid image using words, I am ‘all ears’.

    Act Three:
    The elderly shut-in with the Letterman/Kardashian verbal press-release was fascinated by ‘the success of a tough woman overcoming the obstacles of her Hollywood childhood’.
    Morbid curiosity invited me to seek information about the Kardashian thing gizmo.
    According to TheWorldWideWeb, the woman is a billionaire, married ‘an aspiring rap-star’, and owns a Montana ranch.
    Along the way during the unstructured ‘interview’, the Kardashian contraption offered candid portraits of her extended family while ‘shopping just like normal people!’.
    Apparently, one or more family members enjoys dressing in bizarre clothes.

    Famous for being famous.


    And some of us boldly venture into Splendid Isolation territory for the captions.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are suffering from serious MSM/DNC psyops gaslighting fatigue. Not much for it other than riding it out. Oh wait – you could celebrate the 15th anniversary of the 2 week lock-down to flatten the curve.
    Wife and I voted yesterday – in person – in SW FL. SW FL is a world away from SE FL – Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties. My county has twice as many registered Rs as Ds. After 10 days of early voting, it only took us 38 minutes (timed) to vote against the senile pedo and his simpering sidekick. That was indeed satisfying.

  5. I know how you feel, Kim.

    Everyday I wake up is Groundhog Day, with constant bombardment from all media about the virus and the election.

    Seems like all I can watch to avoid the blues are Outdoor Network and the Sportsman Network.

    All I ever see is hunters taking mulie bucks with a cross-bow.

    I can’t believe I don’t dream about seeing them jump and run off after they’ve been hit.

    I’ve missed so many, many baseball games, car races, vacations and other road trips, plays and concerts that I had planned to attend this year that I feel like I haven’t even had a summer.

    But I do appreciate the wisdom, incisive commentary and diversity and inclusion (i.e. equal treatment of handguns, rifles and shotguns and blondes, brunettes and redheads) that you exhibit in your posts.

  6. I agree Kim. I come here for something different and your commentary. I find your commentary insightful and entertaining.

    I’m done with hearing about the fear mongering over a disease with a 97% rate of survival. If you’re old, infirm or have significant health issues then by all means stay home.

    I can’t wait for the election to be over and Trump re-elected. The howling of the snowflakes hasn’t abated from 2016 and I hope these thieves never stop howling.

    As some meme on Fascistbook illustrates, it’s not that the Democrats are corrupt, it’s that not enough people care.

    I turned off the propaganda ages ago. I miss the editorial pages and crosswords in local fish wrappers from time to time. The “news” isn’t news anymore. Late night TV stopped hiring comedians and hired political commentators who try to crack unfunny jokes.


  7. You went dark for 10 years. I always have liked your insights and glad you are sharing them again. As to the current oddities. it will all settle down at some point. Might be after some people discover just how fragile our world really is. Hopefully they come to their senses before it is broke beyond repair.

    One thing you used to have was what would you need to cross the US in some time period. I did read a story about a Spanish General that did it around 1498 or so. He started with a company and came out with a squad starting in Florida and surfacing in Texas. Vazquez is the name I recall.

    1. There was a conquistador named Narvaez that landed near what is now St. Petersburg, FL in 1527. He sent his ships back to Cuba hoping to rendezvous a couple of months later after finding all the gold. He promptly pissed off the locals and ended up running north along the Gulf Coast for a couple of months. He died about the time the troops were reduced to eating their horses. The survivors built rafts and promptly sailed into the middle of a hurricane. A handful survived and washed ashore near present day Galveston. Led by a guy named Cabeza de Vaca, they eventually worked their way across the Southwest until the made contact with fellow Spaniards in Mexico….9 years after the original landing in Florida. Cabeza de Vaca eventually made his way back to Spain and wrote a book about his experiences.

      This is what comes of marrying a history teacher.

  8. Oh Hell Yes, I quit broadcast TV and cable years ago, it was all trash and now the fuk’n interweb is nothing but trolling for clicks on all of the “new places”. I was talking to my son who has a ver successful business putting folks on the webs to come up better on the search engines, I think that is called search engine optimization and he told me that there is very little real news with factual reporting, it’s all about the clicks and he knows how to get them for his clients but it has nothing to do with actual, factual news.

    At this point, in spite of the lefties spending millions of dollars on media that the right does not care for, it will be what it will be. Newer movies are shit, most newer books are kind of stupid and I am old an tired and not looking forward to all of the total nasty, new fecal material that will come out on the electrical messaging system next week.

    My feeling is that Trump might hit it completely out of the ballpark and recounts won’t make a difference when you measure the folks who like and turn out for him and no one I know has talked to a poll person in the last 20 years.

  9. I’ll probably spend this weekend doing some bore cleaning of guns I haven’t shot in a criminally long time, oiling them, and function testing.
    I’ll then position provisions, and wait through Tuesday and see what the world looks like Wednesday Morn.
    Que Sera Sera!

  10. Hang in there, Kim.

    From this side of the Atlantic it’s not looking good for Trump, but we’ll see.

    But bring on the cars, the guns, the women, and everything else!

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