1. BREAKING NEWS: A former Blockbuster manager reports that Amy Coney Barrett never rewound the videos she returned to the store. This despicable lack of integrity must not be be allowed to corrupt the court!

  2. “…I’m just going to hold my breath till my face turns blue.”

    Hey darlin’, don’t stop there. 🙂

  3. This is the sort of thing one can expect of a political ideology where nothing is “too far”. No matter how degrading, violent, immature, or just plain silly they get there is no one on the left to say they went too far.

  4. A key word that alerts me to the lack of understanding is our “democracy”. We don’t live in a democracy, as we all know.

    1. Any politico that insists this is a “democracy” isn’t qualified to vote on any legislation.

      1. I’ll go further; those political critters are unqualified to vote in the general election or stand for office.

  5. “…I’m just going to hold my breath till my face turns blue.”

    Have at it, Senator. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

  6. Gillibrand and her ilk need to have a lay in. Just lay in the street and turn blue.

    Nominate, confirm and appoint. NOW! I’m glad that Trump and the Senate Republicans are doing just that.

    The moonbat sky screamers have been throwing tantrums for three and a half years and I’m looking forward to four more years of their incessant whining and screaming.


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