Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

This from Florida, where people seem to forget that everyone has a gun, even (or maybe especially) convenience-store clerks:

The Miami Herald reports that the man, 34-year-old Stephon Brown, allegedly entered the Valero at about 5 a.m. and “pulled out a gun to rob the place.” The clerk responded by pulling his own gun and shooting Brown multiple times.
Brown was able to run out of the store and cross the street before collapsing in front of a McDonald’s.

We will now have a brief pause to allow the applause, cheers and catcalls to subside… nah, the hell with it.  Go right ahead.


    1. Talk about a small world: I know where Frolic Ave (actually, N. Frolic Ave) is — a buddy used to live there. Huge lots, semi-rural, and not the neighborhood you’d plan to invade, if you knew anything about the place. My buddy owned about a dozen guns, most of them shotguns, because we used to go shoot clays together.
      He’s not the hero of the story, however; he retired and moved to Phoenix about ten years ago.

      1. And brought his weapons with him. This is the sort of immigration we like here in Arizona: cranky, short-tempered old folks who have put up with a lot of crap over the years, and are not going to tolerate much in their Golden Years.

      2. Kim,
        Ask your pal who moved to AZ if he ever shot at an indoor range called GTR. The place is on Washington, just west of Green Bay Road. I’ve taken a couple of classes there, and will sometimes shoot indoors there when the weather’s really bad. The place is now under new management / ownership, and is called Caliber Tactical.
        As for AZ … I cannot for the life of me understand what’s so great about living in the damned desert. You get blistering heat, scorpions, snakes, illicit immigrants coming up from Olde Me-heee-coh, etc. etc. Before others jump all over me about this, I know, I know, AZ – no gun laws, real (sort of) Freedom, etc. I can get my Freedom in other more interesting geographies. You know, like here in IL .. (/sarc)

        1. And, unlike in Californication, the scorpions in Arizona are poisonous, as opposed to merely very painful. Unless someone’s done some amateur seeding of invasive insect species into Californication.

        2. Arizona is quite nice provided one gets above 7,000′ altitude where it’s nice and cool, you get snow in winter, and it’s forested.

          1. @Frog …
            7000 feet – respectfully – no thanks. I’m an amateur cook, and shit just doesn’t cook properly at the low air pressures of high altitudes. Water does weird shit like boil at about 190F. I’m also told that foods taste “flat” or “dull”. I know – I’m a pain in the arse.
            – Brad

        3. Speaking from 60+ years experience: what’s so great about living in the desert?

          NO SNOW! No defrosting cars to get to work, no icy roads, no snow plows or salt trucks. Very few tourists from New Yawk, although, for some reason, we have an over abundance of touristas from the Midwest in the summer (humidity refugees?) and Canadians all winter long. GREAT Mexican food, not the crap easterners are deluded into thinking is “authentic.” People tend to leave you alone, ’cause when it’s 115 degrees, nobody wants to stand outside and argue about “social distancing.” Fantastic sunrises and sunsets. When it rains here, it becomes a social event, with people coming out of their air conditioned cubes and dancing in the streets. Can’t take the heat any longer? We have escape routes: I-10 to the west, and the ocean, I-17 to the north, to Prescott, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and the Rockies, and the Beeline Highway to the northeast, to tall pines, trout lakes, and the higher altitudes of the Mogollon Rim.

          Downside: refugees from the Peoples Republic of Calistan. We are building the Wall on the wrong border.

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