News Roundup

Here we go:   pithy, like the Emmy Award For Best Golden Shower In A TV Comedy (no link, are you kidding? ):

seems a little excessive, but not as much as the next one:

but we can file both under “Excitable Foreigners Do Strange Shit”.

Dev, dude:  for most of us, that countdown started thirty years ago, but you Republicans did fuck-all about it.

if they tried that shit Over Here for Thanksgiving, there’d be murdersBut he’s on the right track with:

because “human rights laws” in the EU are basically just welcome mats for refugees.

what’s wrong with 10,000?

I see the answer to her problem right there.

yet another reason not to visit the Third World.  And speaking of which:

to be filed next to “Man Who Lives With Grizzlies Gets Eaten.”

hell, in Floriduh, she’d only call the cops after having sex with it.

my only question being:  what fuckhead suggested that it is?

or perhaps Mother Earth is just saying that you Commie bastards shouldn’t be allowed to govern a state, or anywhere else.

and to use bullets instead;  oh wait, he’s an Antifa-supporting Democrat [some redundancy].  So they’ll be using… what?  tissue paper spitballs?

And finally:

…and purely for the edification of my Murkin Readers, here’s Alesha’s black ass:

No need to thank me;  it’s all part of the service.


  1. She may have a touch of the tarbrush in her ancestry but not much. She just looks tan to me without the physical features one expects like hair, nostrils, and lips.

  2. Black ass? Maybe under the horrid “one drop” criteria, but I’m darker than that and my ancestry is Icelandic!

  3. I’ve never heard of what’s her name, but I’m getting a Rachel Dolezal vibe from her black ass. BTW, Barack Obama & I are equally white. Given that my Evil White half is paternal, I’m unable to label me mum as “a typical white woman.” Not sure how Barry feels about that.

    1. IIRC it was his grandmother that The Won labeled a typical white person. That would be same grandmother who left his lightweight ass a six-figure inheritance.

      1. The same Grandmother he said was afraid of strange black men on the street after she had been beaten by one? Real sympathy for your Granny, Barry. Was it down to a bequest to you or to Radio Free Europe? Radio Free Europe has done a lot more unequivocal good.

  4. “Man Who Lives With Grizzlies Gets Eaten.”
    Well, he can definitively answer the question, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

    Or, as his father told him, “If you go live in the woods you won’t amount to shit.”
    Wrong-o, papasan!

  5. …369,000 Chinese nationals currently study at American institutions…
    That’s about 360,000 too many.

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