We Have A Winner !!!!!

Just to remind you all what we’re talking about, here:

And the lucky winner is… [drumroll]

Reader RonC of 230  Rd [rest redacted for security reasons]

Ron, email me your town / state/ ZIP details (so I know the right man is going to get it).

And also, your local FFL details (get the official data from them;  “Bubba’s Guns & Bait Shop” won’t cut it).  The sooner I get all the above, the sooner it speeds off to you, and the sooner you can start breaking your shoulder having fun with your new toy.

Congratulations !!!!!!

And for the rest of you losers unlucky people, there’s always next year.

Like the last time, I was terrified that someone I know very well would win.  Happily, I’ve never met the man in person, so it’s all good.

And here’s the attestation:


  1. Poor Ron. In these uncertain times, with social distancing and so on he’s going to have to some how buy more ammo with fleeting inventory and skyrocketing prices, get another cleaning kit and a proper hard shell case, maybe a few accessories, and with income diminished no less, and then after shipping lug that beast out some where and verify or re-zero the thing. Some people have all the luck. Happy shooting!

  2. i’m offended that i didn’t win and i deserve a consolation prize equal to that of the original.

    the fact i didn’t enter and was not eligible anyway, has nothing to do with it.

    RonC, where do you live again? also, let me know the hours you’re at home so i’ll know when to visit.

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