Quote Of The Day

From the always-readable James Delingpole comes this outstanding zinger:

“Just when did Britain become so incredibly, embarrassingly shit?”

His take on the British people is curt and cutting (“an embarrassing mess: a nation of snitches and cry-bullies, tinpot fascists and mask-compliant bedwetters”), but that’s not his only target.

While Delingpole also hauls off at Boris Johnson (“a priapic lard-butted lightweight chancer who should never have been given the keys to Number 10”), he saves most of his ire for the Oily Little Shit Tony Blair (“closet Trotskyite”) and the mainstream media / government bureaucracy (“over-influential demagogues like the revolting Piers Morgan, not to mention the whole of the BBC, Channel 4, Sky News, and virtually every newspaper, the civil service, everyone in the judiciary…”).

It’s not often I read a rant which I wish I’d written;  but this is one for the ages.  Read it all, and chuckle.  (Or weep, if you’re British.)

And by the way:  if you see a large number of parallels to the United States… well, that was the whole point of this post.


  1. I specially liked the bit “a nation of snitches and cry-bullies, tinpot fascists and mask-compliant bedwetters”, all too true I’, afraid. Daniel Hannan recently pointed out that you couldn’t move in Britain for sneaks and busybodies, I liked that one but Delingpole’s is better (and more accurate).

  2. No problems, mate; we got this guy Camel O’Hara, identifies as a macaroon, channels Elizabeth Bathory (Law) and Ilse Koch (Order,) represents Kali (the goddess, not the flower,) and pretty soon we’ll be showing the Brits how really Interesting life can be.

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