Replacement Time

This just goes to show how ignorant some people are:

It seems that residents wanting to defend their homes from a mob are no longer allowed to exercise their Second Amendment rights in the city of St. Louis. On Friday, KSDK reported that local prosecutor Kim Gardner got a search warrant for the McCloskey home. And based on the court order, police seized the rifle used by Mark McCloskey, the St. Louis resident who used the weapon to defend his home from a group of protesters who threatened to kill him and his wife. They also seized the handgun Patricia McCloskey used, which was being held by their former attorney.

The ignorant people, in this case, would be this loathsome prosecutor Gardner and the people who “advise” her.

If I’d been in this situation (assuming I only had one gun, which I do, following that terrible canoeing accident on the Brazos or maybe Colorado rivers), I would have replacement guns in the house about, oh, half an hour after the cops left.  Only this time, I’d hide the some of spares where the cops would need a pneumatic drill to get access to them.  Or not.

So from this unhappy situation we should deduce the following:

  1. Never have just one gun per person in the house
  2. Hide a couple of backup guns — not just inside your own house, but in those of a couple trusted friends
  3. Don’t forget to do the same with the ammo for the guns.

If you haven’t made such arrangements already, do it now.


  1. Not ignorant. Evil.
    Too many conservatives think leftists are stupid. Some of the cannon fodder undoubtedly are but the ones pulling the strings, in this case Soros, are quite smart. But evil.

  2. What I find interesting is that two different gun shops have offered to give them replacements or a couple of AR’s along with ammo and training.

  3. I agree, not ignorant but evil. This is a message. Disagree with the wrong people, we will come after you. The deep state/local bureaucracy/commies in power are looking to make examples of anyone that sticks their head up.

    The couple are, by their own admission, leftist progressives. But the type that have money and prefer to live apart from the very rabble they support. But the left is so rabidly awaiting the moment a white man shoots a BLM “peaceful protester” that they will literally eat their own.

    We’re now in a situation where, if you have to defend yourself, you also have to make sure it’s air-tight, no questions, textbook example of legal self-defense or ELSE. And even then you’ll be hit with all sorts of legal challenges. The process will be the punishment, even if you did nothing wrong.

    Which then takes us back to the rule of the Three S’s.

    1. According to “Forsaken: An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia”, by Tim Tzouliadis, one of the crimes you could be sent to the Gulag for with a 25 year sentence was “Forming independent opinions.” Certainly we’re already there in the court of public opinion.
      We’ve already got a number of “Empty Quarters” around the country to set up similar camps, although escaping from them does not have the same challenge of superhuman distance as the ones in Siberia.

  4. hmm, wonder whether they could make a constitutional challenge for unreasonable search and seizure stick.
    Probably not before the city orders their local antifa/blm charter to kill them and burn down the house of course, which is the purpose of disarming them in the first place.

    Next time maybe the victims of such government operations will shoot first and not ask questions later when the police come to search their property. And then the media will have a field day, which is exactly what the left wants.

    1. Has media acquired and published the Warrant Application, or is that a “classified” document.

    1. Well, if they turned down the guns, and the Commies come back and torch their palazzo, they have nobody but themselves to blame, and deserve everything they get. Morons.

  5. I wonder if the rabble have anything planned for this Bastille Day, but they’re probably too ignorant of history to know the significance of July 14.

  6. And this is why all my home defense pieces are stock firearms I am not emotionally attached to. Most of my safe queens are in a safe off premises in a location a lit more secure than my apartment.

    If they confiscate my Mossberg 500a, I can have another stock, no frills 12ga and 100rds of 00 buck in my home in 45 minutes or less.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I switched to a Glock for daily carry instead of my Browning Hi Power (since lost in a tragic canoe accident).

  7. I keep re-reading the Second Amendment and keep wondering why a Federal officer has not yet arrested the District Attorney? OTOH, why did the LEOs “confiscate” their guns; is this a lawful order?

    1. “is this a lawful order?”

      LOL. When the SHTF, the cops will not be on our side. That thin blue line cuts both ways. There may be a handful of sheriffs and such that make the news when they proclaim they will not follow blah blah blah, but that’s in the news because it stands out. The vast majority of them will fall right in line with their political masters, and that’s that.

      I know lots of conservatives think the cops will be on our side, but I gave up on that a long time ago. Also the same for the military. Don’t count on them debating the constitutionality of firing on American citizens.

      I’m getting more and more cynical in my old age.

      1. Maybe, maybe not. A year ago I would’ve agreed with you, but now the cops are getting yeeted under the bus like it’s the latest Democrat sport. I can’t see them playing the Tina Turner role to the lefties’ Ike much longer.

      2. Don,
        I believe you’re right. I think too many in government employ are more interested in their pay check and benefits rather than doing the right thing. Like that meme says, “I like whiskey and about 3 people”

        Policemen have a difficult and challenging job but far too many operate by Mafia silence rules and let bad policemen get away with unethical and unlawful behaviour. Again, I blame the Socialist party for weakly “negotiating” union contracts with the patrolman’s association. They make it damn near impossible to fire a bad policeman. It’s long past time for the rank and file policemen to demand bad apples be held accountable for misdeeds. These bad apples smear the reputation of good policemen trying to protect and preserve the peace in our communities.

        Here’s a fine example:


  8. St. Louis is one of those cities that has been run by the Democrats for generations, and you *know* these two people have been voting that way for their whole life as well.

    Do you think this incident and it’s ramifications will change that pattern?

    Probably not.

  9. I live in Canada, a Canadian, loyal to my country, but not necessarily to its government.

    I and mine know so much more about having guns located in odd unfindable places than you Yanks that … my German and British cousins make me look like a piker and you yanks like amateur and incompetent pikers.

    Go on Kim, ask the Englishman if he has the odd hidey hole, you’ll learn more about the British art of dissimulation than you ever believed existed, and you’re a close friend.

    As for my German cousin Hubertus, the mere mention of hidden guns makes him go quite vague, opaque and thirsty for a bier.

    And that’s all bloody good.

    The Government of the USA is the best in the world and it’s so shitty it has to be watched every second of every day and thwacked in the gonads as often as possible.

    1. Fred Z – the last line made me spit Canadian Club through my nose. Well said.

        1. Never heard of Sipsmith til I read about it on your site. Makes an excellent Pink Gin cocktail.

    2. The Germans have a saying, “Go to sleep in a democracy, wake up in a dictatorship. ”
      I only first heard it recently, so it may be new.

  10. Kimberly Gardner should be disbarred. That she hasn’t been is due to her status as a far-left black female attorney.

    She has been fined and sanctioned by the Missouri Ethics Commission for repeat campaign finance violations, dating back to her time as a Missouri State Legislator. These violations included using campaign donations to pay for a private apartment.

    She is a disciple of George Soros, accepting campaign contributions from his organisation.

    If she were murdered, the statement “She needed killin’.” would be an affirmative defense.

    You can read more about her here:

    Do note that Wikipedia is not exactly a far-right rag………LOL.

  11. Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner who seized the McCloskey’s guns:
    Over 7,000 felony arrests under her jurisdiction, only~1,600 prosecuted;
    Under investigation for hiring a former FBI agent to provide grand jury testimony to prosecute the previous governor of Missouri; the former agent is charged with multiple counts of felony perjury and Gardener may be charged with malicious prosecution.
    Gardner is black
    Former FBI agent/private investigator is black
    Former governor is white.
    Most of the 6,000+ felony arrests not prosecuted were black.
    The McCloskeys who defended their house from BLM demonstrators are white.
    BLM is mostly black.
    Anybody see an agenda here?

      1. If you did, I guess that’s the real reason why NYT Editor Bari Weiss had to resign. Can’t have the Grey Lady truthing.

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