Not Scary

By now, everybody (and his dog) has seen this pic:

Here’s what strikes me:  that piddly little 9mm carry gun looks like a child’s toy.  (I know, I know:  “You wouldn’t want to be shot with one” yadda yadda yadda.)

How much more threatening if the woman had been carrying something a little more businesslike:

And one last thing, to the frightened hubby:

Dude.  Get your wife some shooting and gun-handling instruction.  Having her stand in the background waving her gun around like a two-year-old doesn’t do anybody anybody any good.  She could have nailed you in the back of the head on about four occasions that I could see, and I wasn’t even looking that hard.

And finally, here’s a 6-minute video link (in the pic) of some girls having fun at the range.

It’s so easy, a child can do it.

Yer welcome.


  1. After closely watching (and rewinding several times) I think, for the first time in my life since college physics, I’ve come to a full understanding of E=mc²
    tush jiggle

  2. That second girl in the linked video shooting the AK? She needs to straighten her feet and quit pushing with her toes. That will throw you off.

  3. Can we be sure that she’s not waving a .380 around like a squirt gun? Or (perish the thought) a .25?

  4. She is holding a 9mm shiny chrome Bryco, the thing is so heavy if is malfunctions she can hit someone up the side of the head and kill him. I actually have one of those given to me by an old neighbor who was being moved into assisted living, a trigger linkage was missing inside the gun so it was just a heavy paperweight until I ordered an install some new parts, linkage, springs and stuff. The Bryco has perhaps the worst trigger I have ever used on a pistol but it is heavy so there’s that for a backup, just whack’em.

    For all the fun we have been making of those folks at least they had guns and the guts to make a stand protecting their property and I would imagine they now know they were fortunate in so many ways that they did not have to shoot those guns and have signed up for some training in case the protestor invaders decide to return.

  5. Scary, a woman with a gun, who knows how to use it, glaring at you.
    Scarier, a woman with a gun, who doesn’t know how use it, waving it around.

    Butt, ….. that prone shooter, well, yes, …. I will never get tired of nice ones.

  6. Depends on the metal thickness of the barrel. He hated the barrels on Benelli autos. IIRC, He stated that if we insisted on having it done, it would cost at least 3x what a Rem870 would. I declined, and my buddy’s guns were stolen by another shop before he could get them done, so I never got a chance for comparison. That was about 10 years ago at SHOT Show, and Hans health was declining, so…

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