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From The Coldly Furious One, speaking of NASCAR’s ritual self-abasement over nothing:

For the bigwigs at NOOSCAR, it’s extremely difficult to see a downside: they get to piously denounce all those icky, beer-swilling rednecks and their disgusting Rebel flags, suck up to their anticipated new audience of Nee-grows and the white SJWs who take a knee for them, and establish their PC bona-fides without breaking a real sweat. For that, they’ll gladly throw a nonentity like “Bubba” onto the pyre, strike a match, and send his ass floating off downriver.
Nice try and all, but it’s not going to work. And that serves ’em right, far as I’m concerned.

Ditto for the NFL.  Both organizations, flush with TV money, don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about their actual audience.

Naturally, this whole thing is irrelevant to me, as I don’t follow either sport (being of the Europhile heritage, prefer the actual football, and Formula 1).  So I can look at the situation dispassionately and with quiet amusement, treating the doings of both as a marketing exercise.

Not that football and Formula 1 are paragons of righteousness, of course;  I expect them both to succumb to the blowjobs demanded of them by the various foul organizations such as BLM, feminism and Pantifa and their loathsome offshoots.

The nice thing about supporting a sport, however, is that participation is purely voluntary and money not spent on an NFL Redzone subscription can just be spent on ammunition or a new gun — which will really piss off all the Commies.  And as for NASCAR:


  1. I am thinking the gold rush days of TV sports marketing might be over, when it comes to numbers watching the tube and customers buying the products there might not be as many beer drinking, tater chip/dip eating plain old vanilla white people tuning in and there for sure won’t be additional people of color and social justice conscience deciding they want to watch big men run around and smack each other trying to move a oval ball back and forth 100 yards and for sure they won’t tune in to watch wrecks, screwed up pit stops, impromptu fights and funny looking cars run around in circles bumper to bumper and after several hours a winner, unless his left, lower, rear, flap wing hangs down too low 3/4 in. and he is disqualified. I used to watch a little bit of the real stock car races in the old days, mostly for the wrecks and fights.

    1. NASCAR went to shit in the early 1960’s when they started playing games with allowing then banning then allowing with restrictions Chrysler’s 426 Hemi and outright banning Fords 427 SOHC. Ford said the hell with it and moved the 427 SOHC to drag racing where the NHRA had no problem with it and Chrysler made just enough gas guzzling difficult to maintain “street” Hemis to qualify it.

  2. Strange how Bubba Wallace who has a white father and black mother identifies with his mother’s race. I guess there is more “black privilege” than “white privilege”.

    1. White privilege is a construct. My great grandparents and grand parents were Irish. They were given no such privileges. Nor was I or any of my family. I’m sure that’s the case with 99% of white America.

      Black privilege is the ability to moan and complain about racism when it becomes apparent that you are mediocre at best, and at worst, talentless.

      Every one of these celebrities, especially black ones, has a charmed life few can comprehend. Instead of bringing others up, all they can do is tear down.

      1. My parents would have laughed at all this White Privilege:
        A mother of Italian immigrants, and a father of Irish-German parentage born in 1915, when having to explain your mother’s German name was no easy sell in the aftermath of that war.
        As for me, I just told the other kids I was a Wop, and they better get used to it.

  3. NASCAR, like so many other businesses that go woke, is about to find that the SJWs that right now seem so loud will not be buying tickets to races, buying merchandise, or putting any money into their brand. Unfortunately, by the time NASCAR figures out that SJWs don’t really like “stock” car racing (after all it must be bad for the environment), they will have alienated their fans to the point where there is little chance of recovering and the SJWs will simply have moved on to their next mark.

    At the end of the day what execs at these business never seem to realize that SJWs are orders of magnitude louder than their numbers and they never are a replacement for the fans they lose.


  4. Shooting. It’s NEVER going to be PC. So we don’t try.

    And ball games are for children. They are not fit sport for grown men.

    1. “Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports. . . all others are games.”
      – Ernest Hemingway
      I think he also had a great amount of respect for dangerous-game hunting where the animal still had a chance to prevail over the hunter. He respected those engaged in “sports” that could exact a terrible toll on the sportsman.

  5. Professional Sports (and a lot of college sports) are entertainment and things for dummies to make bets on, that’s all. Entertainment makes money from the audience that is being entertained and when watching sports and feeling elation when they win because of the emotional attachment and feeling the defeat, deep down, when they lose is all part of the fun. When they become preachers and they are not preaching your denominations stories, traditions and dogma the audience will say so long, so sad, good while it lasted, don’t hit the door in your ass on your way out because there is no longer a connection. I am thinking those big buck salaries and bonuses will be a thing of the past within a few years and the emotional attachment will resemble the feelings one has for an ex-wife, relief to be done with them.

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