Monday Funnies

With all this talk of slavery going around, it means it’s time to remind all you peasants that it’s time to get back to work for The Man:

…just so you can pay taxes to the Gummint (I’m going to quit now, before people start committing suicide).  Anyway, considering my issues with Microfuckingsoft last week:

Enough of that shit.  Let’s explore more heartwarming things:

…and double the child support.

Wait, I need the Stars ‘n Bars to make this post complete.

Have fun taunting the Lefties, y’all.


  1. Last week the b.stards pushed the abominable EDGE down on my Windows 7 machine. I thought that after they dropped support they’d leave me alone, but Nooo. Had to uninstall it and reset my default browser.

  2. Melinda Gates wants blacks to be the first to get any CV vaccine. Or as they are called at Microsoft, beta-testers. Could be Tuskegee 2.

  3. Those “flags” are representations of the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia.
    The flag of the Confederate States of America, known as the Stars & Bars, had a circle of stars on a blue field of various numbers (minimum of seven) in the upper LH corner, with three horizontal bars top to bottom red, white, red.

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