Enough Already

You know, there are people in the news who really shouldn’t be, because they’ve made themselves pretty much irrelevant to the world by now.  If they ever made a contribution to society, that’s now over and I can’t see them ever doing anything of worth or value ever again.  They are the grains of beach sand in society’s bathing suit, the stones in society’s shoe, the ticks on society’s skin.  As such, I don’t want to see or read about any of the following ever again:

  • the Royal Ginger and Duchess Caringslut
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Hillary Clinton (unless she’s doing the perp walk in prison orange)
  • Bill Clinton (ditto)
  • any of the Obamas
  • George Clooney (unless he’s releasing a new Oceans movie)
  • Lena Durham
  • the entire Kardashian coven, and their assorted consorts

I will make an exception for impending imprisonment (see the Clintons above) or obituaries — maybe.

All these festering carbuncles have been in a media spotlight for too long (mostly undeservedly), and they need to disappear from it.  Hooked stick, yank off stage, toss in a dumpster somewhere, fade to black, The End.

Feel free to add your personal social irritants to the list.


  1. “Fredo” of CNN, and his mobster like/C Virus nursing home killer brother, Andrew!

  2. Something tells me this is gonna be a long, long list! Nearly all the on air clowns at the Comunnist News Network. And, I’ll also throw in that sniveling, traitor-like Chris Wallace at Fox!

  3. I will admit that while generally loathing the Kardashians, I do enjoy reading about Kim and/or Kanye doing something that leaves the left running around with their hair on fire.

    The “Folks I’d rather never hear of again” list includes the “Rev” Al Sharpton, and most of Congress. Sadly we need to know about the latter group out of simple self-preservation.

  4. J. L. Burns, street-name ‘The Right Reverend Jesse Jackson’.

    And while we’re on preachers, I about had it with that plagiarizing female-beating cheating-on-his-family Mike King, street-name ‘The Right Reverend Martin Luther King Junior’.

    Do not get me started on preachers.
    We would be here all day.

    One word — Jimmy Swaggart. Jim And Tammy Bakkar. Oral Roberts. Schlomo Sand.
    Or that fellow in the ‘Nehru admiral coat’ Benny Hinn.

    [suddenly remembers to breathe]

    Oh, and pretty much anybody in the governments of zimbabwe and the new improved South Afrika.

  5. Any celebrity outside the field in which they became a celebrity. So if a movie star is in a new movie, or a singer releases a new song/album, fine, may not be something I’m interested in but it’s news-worthy to those of that taste. If a singer has an opinion on politics they can STFU fast enough that they bite the tip of their tongue off.

    Any former politician.

    In fact, any former-anything. Retired athletes don’t make news unless they get jobs as coaches or something.

    Anyone whose job description includes the word “commentator”, “influencer” or “expert”.

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