RFI: New Orleans

I’m thinking of taking New Wife to New Orleans for a couple weekdays sometime after July 4 because a) she’s getting cabin fever and b) she’s never been to Nawlins.

Does anyone have a sitrep about the place, of recent vintage?  I don’t want to go there if Bourbon Street is now a BLM CHAZ, for instance.

I’ll be staying with friends, so it won’t cost me anything other than gas to get there, and I know what to do there because I’ve been there many times before, so I’m not looking for that kind of info.

But if anyone’s been there recently, or lives there, tell me what I need to know, please.


  1. Kim, google can still be somewhat (if slanted) informative. Look at NOLA.com online coverage from just a couple of weeks ago! At least hundreds in Jackson Square protesting. Police bowing down to them. A somewhat determined crowd trying to take down Andy Jackson’s statue! They’ve a “zero sense” of crucial U.S. history. Apparently, they’ve-pardon, it’s, again, key U.S. history-forgotten the major Battle of New Orleans, that secured the Louisiana Purchase, and put “manifest destiny” literally on the map!

    1. Kim,

      I moved to the North Shore of Lake Ponchetrain (Mandeville) about 3 1/2 years ago. I discovered that the history of this part of the country is divided into two eras: pre-Katrina and post-Katrina. The North Shore had explosive growth since Katrina once anybody with enough money to leave New Orleans did so. I avoid the South Shore.

      July and August are good times to visit. It will be unbearably hot and humid, so you should be able to find a good deal on hotels or B&Bs. Also, I would not recommend walking away from crowded areas, especially after dark. Uber is the best way the get around New Orleans.

      I recommend Frenchman Street which is northeast of the French Quarter. It is much less touristy. And if you like Jazz and Blues music, it is *the* place for it. Particularly The Spotted Cat.

  2. Kim, New Orleans has been a Wuhan Flu hotspot and still has more than it’s share. I’m not sure what’s open or not.

  3. Oh Great and Powerful Dear Leader,
    I hail from that swarthy city and I have sent you an email as such. Please do visit and let me know if I can be of assistance

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