News Roundup

Keeping it short, like Tom Cruise.

words cannot express the loathing I feel for the two smug assholes in this picture.

for Chinkvirus.  Hell, I remember back during the Obama days, when the SecServ were more likely to test positive for syphilis.

that would be:  yes.  And I’m still waiting to hear from Big Pharma that they’re bringing drug manufacturing back to the U.S.

sorry, but this isn’t news.  These pricks are always getting shot — it’s an occupational hazard.

which limits deportation destinations to… I dunno, Cuba and Venezuela, most probably.

I’d feel much better if the shift was from China to, oh, MIssissippi;  but I’ll take what I can get.

good grief, if this lot had been in power in 1940, the official language of the U.K. would now be German and not Hindi.

and because this is New York, the hapless women can’t buy them because gun stores are not “essential” services, according to Gauleiter Cuomo.

and I agree.  Truly low-skilled jobs are things like ditch-digger, peach-picker and community organizer.


  1. and here I always thought “…the official language of the U.K….” was Urdu – with Punjabi as a backup.

  2. It’s not like normal people could buy guns in NYC before the epidemic. The problem is not the CV, it is NYC.

    1. I’d love to be a mouse in the corner when various liberals find out they can’t buy a gun on the Internet, can’t buy one in a gun store, and the gun shows are shut down.

  3. Kim,
    You just posted … “Keeping it short, like Tom Cruise”

    For the record, I much prefer the “short and sweet” pics of Ariel Winter … and suspect the marjority of your other readers do as well.

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