Quod Desiderata Est

That’s Latin for “things to be desired”.

A couple years ago the locals on Spain’s Balearic Islands (Majorca, Ibiza etc.) staged massive demonstrations against the crowds of (mostly British) tourists who invaded the islands each year and partied ’til they puked, literally.

Well, thanks to the Chinkvirus, the islands have gone from this:

to this:

I guess all those erstwhile Balearic protesters are now seeing the wisdom of that old question:  “Suppose you got exactly what you wanted…”


  1. Tourism was shut down while I was in the Cayman Islands, sadly for the people who worked in the hospitality industry. Not sure if they are open again, they welcome tourists there. I met lots of people who work there from South Africa, interestingly enough. The native Caymanians don’t seem to work in the hotel/restaurant business, virtually everyone I met there was from some other part of the world. Very nice place to go.

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