Auction Time

There are times when I’m glad I’m not a Rich Bastard (a.k.a. Powerball winner) because I just know that after I’d bought a decent house, traveled a bit, bought a few guns (stop laughing) and settled down, I would undoubtedly get drawn into the world of car auctions.

So here’s this weekend’s “just suppose” game, assuming that your circumstances are as above.

You have several (hundreds of?) thousands of dollars that are burning a hole in yer wallet, and one day you come across this fiendish event.

Wait awhile to browse this page, while I outline what we’re going to be talking about today.

One of the things I like about events of this nature is the variety of stuff to be auctioned, because it takes away the usual “Which Ferrari would I pick?” question.  Here, you could indulge your taste not just for the exotic, but for the historic, eclectic, or even weird, e.g.:

And so, Gentle Readers, the only question to be asked is this:

In order of preference, which five cars or motorcycles would you bid on?

Remember, money is no object — we’re talking about scratching a lifelong itch, or checking off an item on Ye Olde Bucquette Lyste.  So go ahead and make your selections, and assume that all are in roadworthy condition and could be driven home, if need be.  You could decide on five supercars;  one supercar, two vintage and a weird car;  three saloon cars, a supercar and a one-of-a-kind car;  or a campervan, two sports cars and two motorcycles — whatever, the five choices are all yours.

(Note:  if you click on a car to read about it, you have to use the “Back” ( <– ) button to return to the main page.)

Starting on Monday, I’ll be revealing my five choices one at a time, one per day, with reasons.


  1. There is a very old (long grey beard) story about a sheik who gave his first-born a harem as a part of his coming-on-age ceremony.
    Anyway, as I’m sure everyone already knows, the punchline is:
    “I know what to do, father; I just don’t know where to begin.”

  2. Not being a gearhead as much as being a history lover, I think I would bid on these:

    1945 Willys MB

    1948 Willys Jeep Pick Up

    1967 Sunbeam Tiger

    1971 Jensen Interceptor

    1967 Ford Bronco

    Close to picking for fun would be the 1928 Elcar Model 8-91, just because of the cool looking and rarity factors.

  3. Looked at all of these interesting vehicles, not selecting for value like the Gull Wing Mercedes 300 but just to have in a garage for fun and memories my selection is as follows: XKE Roadster, Healy 3000, TR3, MGA and Bug Eye Sprite. I owned four of the five in the past and came within five minutes of an MGA, I had agreed on price and took a final look and backed out because the amount of oil it was burning and leaking at the time. Nice stuff just for fun.

  4. hmm, the ’64 Vantage, ’62 Austin-Healey, ’63 Auto Union, ’56 Mercedes 300C, ’96 Mini Cooper.

    Yeah, I have a weak spot for Minis, but the old ones are just too small for my body.
    And as will be apparent, I want for a car to be practical, not just beautiful.

  5. Okay, here we go. Not much in that collection of interest to me, but here are five I will take, in order of preference:

    1966 Jaguar E-type Il va sans dire. I have wanted that car since it came out

    2010 Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale Zagato – Didn’t know the Viper could look so good! I’ll take it!

    McLaren 650 I like the open air aspect, plus it is a modern car.

    1937 Cord -because it is a quintessential classic in every respect

    Triumph TR3A – because that was my first car in 1965, it would be fun to have again.

    I would have taken the Ford GT but not in that livery, thank you.

    1. You’re not alone. New Wife liked precisely three (!) of the cars, and thought all the rest were “ugly, vulgar and disgusting”.

      1962 Austin-Healey 3000 ; 1966 E-type Mk 1; 1960 MGA. When pushed for more: “Okay, that old MG.” (1952 MG TD, I suspect because we watched Love Story the other night)

      Yes, she’s an Anglophile when it comes to cars. One of the many reasons I married her.

  6. Like Old Texan I’ve always exhibited a strongly masochistic streak as seen in my love for English cars. I’ve got plenty of time on my hands, a set of Whitworth wrenches and a Uni-Syn carb tool from days gone by, and unlimited money per the rules of Kim’s game. By the way I’d also buy a couple of reliable “real” cars and at least one high end pickup for every day duties. Here’s my list:

    Aston Martin DB-5 “Bond, James Bond”
    63 Jag E type lightweight – Early E types are the sexiest cars ever built
    52 MG TD – that’s where I’ll probably need the Whitworth wrenches
    67 Sunbeam Tiger – I owned one of these in the mid 70’s. It was the same color as the one in the auction and mine had the removable factory hard top. An absolutely frightening car to drive fast but the rumble of the dual exhaust was worth it.
    M274 Mule – I saw these occasionally when I was in the military and always thought that they’d be fun to own. I’d like the version with the 106mm recoilless rifle on the back deck but finding ammunition (and doing the proper paperwork) might be a bit of a problem.

  7. 64 DB5
    59 Caddy El Dorado
    58 Vette
    68 Firebird
    66 Shelby GT350
    I’m simple and don’t like really small sports cars.
    I would hold off on the Shelby if there were a Bentley or Rolls Royce in the mix.

  8. Loved the Harem joke! Here’s one along similar lines.

    An old grampa bull was standing on the top of the hill with his young grandson bull surveying a valley full of cows. The young bull says to the old bull, “Let’s run down there and fuck one of those cows!”

    The old bull says, “Son, son, son, let’ stroll down there leisurely like and fuck ALL of them”

    Anyway, I’m not as much of a car guy as you, Kim, although I love these posts of gorgeous and historical vehicles. I can’t come up with five, but I have 3 very different choices.

    One I remember my dad had that I just loved. He even let me drive it occasionally, the lovely 1976 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham. I’m not sure how to do images, but here are links:

    #2 I love the old British roadsters, especially the old Triumph TR6, this one a beautiful hunter green 1976

    And finally a Triumph Bonneville (I currently have a 2013 modern classic). This one is a 1970[email protected]

    That’s it. Even if I won the PowerBall, I’d keep my current, plain Jane, Toyota Highlander, and these three would scratch my itch for autos.

    Now airplanes … oh boy. This would be on the short list!

    The Beechcraft T-6C AKA Texan II, which I believe Kim wrote about earlier. It’s a cool $9 million, but if I won the PowerBall? The way to own it would be to start a business to do airshows and give rides, hire an ex-military pilot to run it, then have him take me up when I wanted. Would make it more sustainable, and at my age, I could not train enough to be able to fly it without adult supervision. But I think it would be a viable business. Gorgeous!

  9. Only 5? Limits

    67 GT 40 Ford
    55 Corvette ( rare but birth year and all that)
    57 Chevy Nomad (Groceries)
    1917 Harley Davidson (Granddad had one)
    65 Bronco. (mad max type scene)

    Dunno but I think 5 is a big limit, given I won the lottery and all. Our local Billionaire has something north of 100 examples of Chevy drop tops. 1 or every know year. Now that is a collection

  10. 1971 Plymouth Hemi’Cuda convertible, in yellow on white please
    1983 DeLorean DMC-12
    1969 AMC AMX SS dual 4bbl (officially rated at 340hp, but NHRA measured it closer to 420hp)
    1974 De Tomaso Pantera with 1971 Euro-spec bumpers
    1971 Jensen Interceptor 440 Six Pack

    Honorable mention: 1975 Bricklin SV-1 (fits the eclectic and weird categories)

  11. Forgive me, I’m going to see if I’m smart enough to put a picture in here instead of a link. My morotcycle choice. Old guy practicing.

    [img][email protected][/img]

  12. Here’s my list. ( But my first pass I picked out 15 possibilities with another 10 maybes )
    … and you really need to preview these cars. You cant trust the auction company’s photos

    XJ 220 Jag — V12 all wheel drive total production 275 examples

    300 SL Gullwing — Because every serious collection needs one

    63 Split Window Fuel Injected Corvette

    68 Iso Griffo Series 1 ( The yellow one ) with the 427 – Because no one knows about them

    59 Cooper Climax – early mid engine race car — because I want to drive in the Monterey Historics

    …… and some of the also ran back ups that looked promising

    39 Talbot Lago — a Pebble Beach candidate

    24 Bentley – The original “James Bond” Car – but unfortunately not a supercharged one.

    27 Bugatti Type 35 – But only a replica – not a real one

    35 Auburn 8 Supercharged

    63 E-Type Lightweight

    61 Facel Vega — College roommate bought one used in 1969

    59 Caddy Biarritz

    36 Port Carling Sea Bird — Wooden Boats !!!!! — a Hole in the water you try to fill with money

    1. XJ220 – the original concept was designed around a large V12, but environmental concerns (and I can hear Clarkson whining right now) forced a redesign around a twin-turbo V6. Amazingly, the V6, though it had just over 50% of the V12’s displacement, produced more HP and torque than the larger lump.

  13. I’d go with the following:
    64 DB5
    66 E-type Roadster
    62 Austin-Healy 3000 MKII
    55 Mercedes Benz 300 Gullwing
    72 deTomaso Panterra

    Honorable Mention for me:
    XK 140 MC
    MGA Twin Cam
    Morgan Plus 4
    57 deSoto (I’d have bid if it were a 57 300C)

    Some other observations. The lightweight E-type was a continuation and not the real thing. The GT 40 was a replica. The 2002 Cobra CSX 4000 is a fiberglass kit car but with the provenance of having come from Shelby America and a VIN from that organization.

  14. Top of my list is the 1924 Bentley. A lovely machine. And I’ll need something to drive while the Auburn is being repaired.
    Next is the 1903 Clement. London to Brighton run here I come!
    Then there’s the 1935 Auburn. It looks lovely. And I’ll need something to drive when the Bentley is being repaired.
    My penultimate choice is one of the 1960s Jaguar E-types.
    And I’ll close with one of the 2012 Morgans. I just like them.

    And sinbce you excluded the trucks, I’ll take the ERF D16 and a trailer too.

  15. #5 – 2004 Honda Valkyrie Rune
    #4 – 1919 Pierce-Arrow Roadster
    #3 – 1958 Corvette
    #2 – 1966 Shelby GT360
    #1 – 1950 Indian Chief

    I do like modern technology, but I think I was born with an old soul.

  16. Ouch…the problem being that the old cars are gorgeous, but the newer designs ride, perform, and handle better. Nevertheless, my first pass would be:

    1938 Auburn Speedster. Classic design. Elegant.
    1937 Cord 812. Another classic.
    2017 Ferrari 488. Super-hot ride.
    1966 Jaguar E-type. My word, the most beautiful car ever made. Fast. Elegant. Good handling. A car that drove WELL at autobahn speeds.
    2016 McLaren 650S spider. Another super-hot ride.
    1999 Shelby Series 1. Can’t get away from the supercars.
    1945 Willys MB

    Top 5, in order:
    #1 – Jaguar
    #2 – McLaren
    #3 – Cord
    #4 – Shelby
    #5 – Ferrari

  17. Being who I am, I’d view this auction with interest, but skip to the machines that would really engage my passion. After rescuing the Stinson Station Wagon from hangar queen status I’d next be shopping for a Gull Wing Stinson SR-8 or SR-9. Next would be a Beech D-18 or Lockheed 12. As my Medical certificate status might require hiring a pilot for any of these, I would next replace my beloved lost Aeronca Chief (see avatar) to be flown under Light Sport rules. If there was still a budget left I would probably look for something more modern and reliable for travel, like a King Air or Citation. so:

    Stinson 108-3
    Stinson Reliant
    Beech 18
    Aeronca 11AC
    King Air 100

    It would be possible to spend less on five cars from that auction, but it would also be possible to spend rather more. Rules? Rules are made to be broken.

    1. Clearly. Considering that this is all about terrestrial transportation — that would be cars, trucks and bikes — and not aerial, you seem to have had trouble coloring between the lines…

  18. Bear in mind that this event represents one man’s collection. His choice was “All of the Above”. Some 240+ cars. ( Plus the building shown in the photo to house them in … and the staff to maintain them ) . Not entirely an unusual amount of cars for a serious car collecting Jones. I can name 8 collections with 100+ cars that I know of just here in New England…… seems unfair to limit us to just five.

    but… your site, so your Rules…….

  19. Wow, I had a hard time getting past the Alfas without choosing five!

    Ok, just five:

    1969 Alfa 1850 GTV Veloce
    1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
    1963 Corvette Stingray Fuel-Injected Coupe
    1937 Cord Supercharged Cabriolet
    1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GT

    Difficult choices, but these would definitely be “Bucket List” cars for me.

  20. My Five:
    As are you, I’ve always had a love for ALFA’s, so my #1 is the MONTREAL.
    #2, I “need” a track-car, and what would be better than a SCARAB.
    #3, Something to drive to nearby events: The BENTLEY 3 – 4.5litre.
    #4, I do love me some English “lungers”: The MATCHLESS G80.
    #5, and finally, for something to get around the unbounded acreage here on the High-Desert, summer or winter: The ARGO FRONTIER – it even looks to have room for a pedestal mount Ma-Deuce in the rear.

  21. ’93 Jaguar XJ220 (love the lines on this car)
    1962 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk II BJ7 (Bond)
    1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray ‘Fuel-Injected’ Coupe (the only year with the split rear window)
    2006 Ford GT Heritage (again…love the lines, but also the heritage of the Ford GT-40)
    2002 Shelby 427 S/C Cobra ‘4000 Series’ (I have wanted a Cobra since I was a little kid, and this one with a 427 is a beast)

    Honorable mention: 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350H (love the 1st gen Mustang Fastbacks)

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