I Know How You Feel

Sent to me by Mr. Free Market:

Truly, a sad situation.

Mr. FM is of course self-isolating, but there’s self-isolation, and then there’s self-isolation in Free Market Towers:

And the Free Markets are adapting, as any Stout Bulldogs will.  I’m told that Mrs. FM now uses a 6-foot bullwhip to administer the servants’ weekly flogging, so as to observe the proper degree of social distancing.


  1. Yeah, somehow I thought the dystopian future would feature more leather underwear, ass-less chaps, hockey masks and gunfire and less wearing surgical masks, pasta, inability to get booze and waving to my neighbors from at least ten feet away.

  2. The same man that couldn’t continuance spanking madona for a few years for a pristine English estate pining for Free Market Towers?

    20 year me would have 35 year old me living like an English country gentleman…

    My USMC bachelor days weren’t know for their high standards.

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