News Roundup

Pithy news items, pithy commenth.

1) Brit woman prepares for the worst, the inevitable happens“Never mind, the authorities have a plan to help you” coupled with “You’re a selfish hoarder” are comments which unfailingly point to a neo-Marxist social mindset.

2) Olive oil cuts heart attack risk by 20% and substituting vegetables for a piece of meat makes you live 50% longerand next week, other studies will prove that olive oil is worse for you than cyanide, and swapping meat for veg will make your bones brittle.

3) The Muzzies get one right, for a changealthough it doesn’t take a genius to see that Biden’s regressing to total retardhood right before our eyes, on a daily basis.

4) All Bloody Commies network comes to a stunning realizationpissing off millions of gun owners… only in #MarxistUnicornWorld will that help your chances of being reelected.

5) UK Parliament may shut down for monthswish that would happen here, regardless of cause.

6) Climate sanityof course, none of the eco-freaks will bother to read this, or else they’ll just say he’s #WorseThanHitler — #SOP.


  1. Yesterday I drove across East London to a Hospital, I saw one exactly ONE lady wearing a mask, I’m kinda getting the idea that the meeja are scaremongering and getting people to pose in the streets wearing masks, (that includes in the Hospital, where I did not see one mask being worn). I don’t think the British people are such panic stricken rats and all the scary headlines are to sell newspapers and allow the TV (BBC) to lecture us even more. On the other hand, stocking up on basic supplies in case of shortages seems to me to be the right and proper thing to do. Since I read your site Kim, you would probably guess that I always have had a big stock in, in case of emergencies, (you can never tell how an emergency will come and what form it will take).

  2. Once again the paper thin veneer of modern “civilisation” reveals itself.

    I have very little doubt that if this WuFlu virus expands as the doomsayers predict, many people in allegedly first world countries will revert to barbarism, looting and pillaging without a second thought.

    Aesop’s fable of The Ant and the Grasshopper comes to mind.

  3. The authorities have a plan to help you, so you’re going to need more ammunition.

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