First They Came For The Airline Stewardesses

Back in the day when airline flying meant a chance to ogle some beautiful young women in uniform, they were called “stewardesses” or “stews”.  Often, the airlines enforced a “no married women” and even an age limit policy for the stews because, the reasoning went, if the stews had families, they’d be affected by the absense of Mommy while she’d be out of town so often.  So We The Passengers had to put up with stuff like this:


Then some asswipe in Big Airline HR decided that this was eeeevil  and anti-womyns  or something, with the result that nowadays, international flights resemble Grab-A-Granny Night at TGI Friday, or Open Bar Night at The Villages.  (No pics, I can’t bear the thought.)

Then last year, Sports Illustrated  took some shit because, and I quote:

“…the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue  doesn’t care about plus-sized women, athletes, or religious models. It cares about staying relevant while also profiting off men buying a magazine to drool over hot women. These silly claims of empowerment through the swimsuit issue cannot change the fact that pages of sexualized women marketed toward men are inherently sexist, insulting, and gross.”

(I even talked about it here.)

Needless to say, the stupids at Sports Illustrated  decided to make their crap magazine yet more crappy, by taking the above criticism to heart for this year’s T&A issue, hence this appalling prospect:

Wait till you see the “plus-sized” (i.e. grossly overweight) entrant… it’ll put you off chocolate cake for life.  (By the way, the granny in the above pic is quite hot, IMO, but if yer gonna put some granny-aged totty in a bikini, why not someone like Sharon Stone, or Stephanie Seymour?)

This modern attitude towards women’s bodies is starting to get to me.  As are the Woke Generation, in toto.


  1. As far as SI not having athletes in the swimsuit issue, simply not true. I recall Ronda Rousey was in the issue for one (and unlike most of the models they use, she was actually FIT, not just skinny). I’m pretty sure there were others, but can’t recall the names now.

    I’ve concluded that if it’s something that straight white men like, it must be evil. Screw ’em.

  2. From the linked article:
    “I hope every chocolate chubby girl and every thick queen around the world sees this and know that anything is possible,” Anyea continued.
    Sadly, it is.

  3. From back in the days when I flew frequently and enjoyed it. Back before 1980 that is, the last time I flew.
    SI keeps resigning it’s suicide note.
    Maybe next year they’ll all be grossly obese, negro tranny’s with knotted hair, face and body tatt’s and piercings, and 3″ purple fingernails (claws).
    The people in the US are turning into one big shit filled comic book.

  4. I don’t think it was the airlines HR departments that did this, it was the unions. Before, the stew had to latch on to a young Doctor, up-and-coming Lawyer, or airline pilot before she was thirty. For her, it was a target rich environment of guys who could afford to fly or whose companies flew them around. Prime mate material. Of course, some aged out and wanted to stay so they unionized and that was the end of it. The HR department loved the turnover. The new ones were cheaper and with low seniority could be assigned to flights at will. Now they are older, can’t climb around the aircraft as well, have bad feet and knees, get paid more and are picky about which flights they’ll accept.

    1. Unions, HR, lawyers… all those reptiles need attitude adjustment by way of scourging and/or hanging.

  5. I’m sure that if SI could think of something that would appeal to women enough to buy their magazine in the numbers men have bought the annual swimsuit issue (note the single noun), we would have an annual issue for that, too.
    Leftists are so un self aware that they cannot recognize they are H. L. Mencken’s Puritans who are obsessed with the idea that somewhere there’s a man who is not having a bad time.

    I mean, who can rationally object to Rebecca Romjin and other super models wearing only paint?

  6. I remember the early days of SouthWest Airlines where the Stewardess’s all wore skimpy hot pants, flying Dallas to OKC city and back most flights boarded outside, after 4:00 pm there were trashcans full of soft drinks and beer and we were invited to grab a can or two, walk on up the stair thing and when the last person stepped through the door the plane started to taxi and the idea was that in cattle car airlines we would be buckled in before the take off.

    I have a lovely lady friend, now living retired with her trophy husband in Santa Fe, she snagged a good one. Years ago a friend and I were asking her about her Stewardess days with Continental and the mile high club, we wanted to know if that was true. Her reply with a sly grin was, “Anytime, anywhere!” , and those were the good old days, people wore business attire, not casual and the planes were seldom full.

    1. “…. and those were the good old days, people wore business attire, not casual and the planes were seldom full.” And they were polite.
      Now air travel for the most part resembles an emergency evacuation of ill-mannered, sloppy, raggedy refugees from some third world dump, all scrambling for bin space to stash their oversize junk.

      1. you’re absolutely right and that’s yet another reason I despise flying. THe other reason is the rub down by Touchin’ Squeezin’ Assaultin’ clown show that passes for security these days.


  7. When I flew to America to see the eclipse I travelled with Delta and I was not impressed with Business Class. Yes the staff were older but the service was simply poor. They didn’t seem to care. My return trip with KLM was much better. And the steward was male.

    1. Homosexual men understand the concept of “service” much better than the average modern woman.

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