1. After he left DOE last year I thought he was headed back to Texas ? Wasn’t he supposed to be running for Senator when old Corny retires ?

  2. Nostalgia….

    Work sent me out from behind enemy lines in Massachusetts for a couple weeks to enjoy central Georgia. A refreshing breath of free America. For me, the big nostalgia point was gun shops the way it used to be. Just pick something out, and pay. No one complaining about the latest infringement from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, or trying to figure out what’s allowed and what’s not.

    Heading back home tomorrow morning. Wishing we had a Rick Perry, I suppose.


    1. I grew up in MA not far from Lexington and Concord.

      If todays nit wits were in charge back in 1775, Pauline Revere would have spread the alarm to run and hide.


  3. That last picture is at Red’s Indoor Range in south Austin. I’ve shot there for years, but I never managed to meet him there.

    And yes, I’d vote for him if he ran for the Senate.

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