Extra-Curricular Activities

Okay, that does it:  I am officially jealous of the younger generation, if this kind of thing is going to become commonplace:

An Oklahoma high school teacher was arrested for allegedly having a threesome with a student and another woman inside her home.
Joyce Churchwell, who worked as a volleyball coach at Berryhill High School in Tulsa, first connected with the student over Snapchat and began seeing him at her home last year, News on 6 reported.
The student “admitted that this encounter had taken place at the teacher’s home along with another adult female — a former teacher at the district.”

I mean, a high school kid bonking a nubile young teacher is one thing — but a threesome with another older woman?

Just… damn.


  1. What is the matter with these young kids ratting out their teachers???? That situation sounds like one of the ultimate “safe spaces” he could possibly run to.

  2. It isn’t the student’s fault. His parents became suspicious when their normally-morose teen wouldn’t stop smiling, even in his sleep.

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