1. The key word here is “some”.
    Some Britons and some Americans want to be enslaved.
    The rest don’t.
    100% conversion takes place instantly when the noose is placed around the neck.

  2. We have seen the Euros jump into this socialism thing head-long since the fall of the original Wall. Maybe it’s that whole “forbidden fruit” thing. Socialists were elected, governments drifted left, and entire societies began to try their version of socialism-lite.

    Then came the waves of “refugees” from all over the world, each having some tenuous claim for free admission to the modern world. These Socialist-wannabees tried to take them all in, tried to give them things that actual citizens couldn’t get, and suddenly found themselves face to face with all the Third World habits and hatreds.

    Now Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and other nations are beginning to see the error of their ways. They want this insanity to stop, but they have no clue how to un-do the damage they’ve done to themselves.

    America should take note. Some want to throw open our borders to all comers, to give them free “stuff” that none of our citizens have access to. Our latest budget package has, among 2300 pages of other nonsense, amnesty for Liberians.

    WT effin’ F???

    Unless we want the hate-crime tsunami that is sweeping through Europe to come to our shores, we have to stop this insanity. Access to America should be a treasured gift to be awarded to the best of the best applicants, not passed out like some discount store coupon book.

  3. In most cases, the Euros have simply adopted the stealth socialism of the Democrat Party. The Christian Democrats in Germany, the Scottish Nationalist Party, Macron’s fake party, and the 5-Star party are in fact if not name socialist parties. The Conservative Party in the UK has been a socialist party. Probably too soon to tell whether they still are.

  4. Problem is that the picture painted of Europe is way too rosy.
    Which is ironic as the rose is the symbol of European socialism…

    Most of the parties that are seen as “right wing” in Europe aren’t. They were centric parties that have over the last 10-15 years made a major swing to the left and are now more leftist than the left wing parties in those same countries were those 10-15 years ago.

    Hence we have the CDU in Germany being led by Angela Merkel, who 15 years ago would have been too far left even for the left wing SPD.
    In the Netherlands the formerly right wing VVD is now so radically left wing that as long as over a decade ago the more centric members were evicted or left and formed their own opposition parties (most of which were duely destroyed by the press).
    And it’s the same in other countries.

  5. oh, maybe because of over 50 years of socialist indoctrination, a.k.a. the public school system?

    or maybe it’s the 24×7 fake news spouting out the big lies constantly?

    maybe it’s the cucked churches?

    maybe it’s the hordes of unassimilable immigrants who have socialism baked into their dna?

    i don’t know. it’s a mystery.

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