1. This early riser will be the first to say it. $14.95?????? I’ll buy every one in the inventory at that price – or at just about any price. If they’re out of the model 34, how about a “New and improved” 341? I could probably go the extra buck or two (although that might be kind of hard to find in the 1930’s). Love the phones in the advertisement too. Back when Ma Bell owned high tech.

    1. Yeah, the 34 was a sweet little rifle — as was the 341 — because that long barrel (29″?) made for outstanding accuracy. I wonder why they quit making them…

  2. Ditto ltdavel, at that price I’d have ALL of em.
    However, presuming the other guns in the store were similarly priced I’d probably get an array to add to the existing arsenal. A brand new Rem 752 would be nice.

  3. That was the second rifle my father taught me to shoot on. Great rifle, but the young shooter couldn’t shoot worth a damn at the time.

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