There are things that are crimes (e.g. murder, acting like a Clinton etc.) which carry penalties and punishments.  Then there are things that are sorta-crimes (like spitting on the sidewalk, or voting for a Socialist) which carry few if any penalties.  Then there are things that are technically  non-crimes, but which should  carry a penalty.  Like this one:

PARENTS were left furious after a nursery [preschool daycare] banned meat and dairy and instead force children to eat from a completely vegan menu.
Mums and dads have blasted the controversial move to switch their kids to an entirely plant-based diet which they claim was done without consulting them first.
Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products will be completely off the menu from January for 260 children, aged 0-4, at Jigsaw Day Nurseries in Chester.
Instead, staff at their two nurseries will offer the likes of a lentil-based “Shepherdless Pie”, coconut rice pudding desserts and cereal served with soy or oat milk.
Some parents say they are fuming at the decision to “impose a lifestyle choice” which “discriminates” against their meat-eating children.

Here’s the loony boss’s opinion:

Claire Taylor, founder of the nurseries, which is Chester’s largest private childcare provider, defended the decision which she says was “made with the children and the planet’s future in mind.”
She added: “We appreciate that this is a decision that comes with a business risk associated, however we feel passionately that a sustainable path is the one we wish to follow for the benefit of our children’s future.
“The food that the children eat within our nurseries not only has an impact on everyone in the setting but also on the health of our planet.”

She cited the “overwhelming” evidence published over the past few years highlighting the impact of animal farming on the planet.

So my question, O Gentle Readers, is this:  what this stupid bitch is doing is clearly not illegal.  But other than withering scorn, what should the penalty be for this kind of idiocy?  (And don’t say, “Just pull the kids out of the school” because some parents have no choice in the matter.  Myself, I’d just feed my kids steak every night and give them biltong to take to school to make up for the nutritional shortfall, but that’s not the matter under discussion.)

It’s not an infringement worthy of scourging or suchlike;  but I feel that it should  be punished in some way.

I welcome suggestions in Comments.


  1. “…for the benefit of *our* children’s future.”
    See what she did there?
    She believes they are not YOUR kids.
    They belong to HER.
    Arrogant bint.
    Well, the obvious result would be to do serious damage to her ass pocket – remove the kids from her facility.
    But your emotional desire is to drag her until there’s nothing left but a frayed rope – to serve as a deterrent to other assholes that may be watching.

  2. 1) There are numerous stories of kids being found in a state of severe malnutrition due to their parents forcing a vegan diet on them. Thus, yes, she is putting those children in harm’s way. Show me a healthy vegan and I’ll show you my unicorn. They just don’t exist, and a no-meat vegan diet is harmful.

    2) In addition to being harmful, most kids won’t stomach the stupid food and would simply go hungry. Again, putting children in harm’s way.

    I once went to a dog training class (twice a week for several months). There was a couple there that insisted they could feed their dog a vegan style diet. They cooked their own dog food from vegan recipes, made doggy snacks, etc. This was for a young German Sheppard. The dog looked extremely skinny, to the point of malnourished. The dog had no energy, had trouble learning any lessons, and wouldn’t respond to the treats (it was a treat-based training method). Of course when the trainer used the store-bought treats (with real meat) the dog gobbled them down. After which the couple would get upset. I hated seeing the whole thing as I considered it animal abuse. Now apply that to human children.

    I’d confront the founder with legal notice and scientific (real science) research. And then claim she was harming my child and sue for damages. After removing my child from her care.

  3. I would never recommend violence but isn’t this why the Good Lord created parking lots ?

    1. They found the officer “was wrong to stop and search her for breaking a law that didn’t exist.

      He should have been dragged.

  4. As they say, “Go woke, go broke.” I imagine lots of parents will be looking at alternative childcare facilities.

    Of course, I could be cynical and suggest that this policy was implemented for the purpose of generating publicity and will be swiftly reversed to even more publicity…

  5. True punishment is just that….punishment. Thinking the owners need a chili con carne enema. Just sayin.

  6. The courts have tossed vegan parents into prison for the permanent damage they have done to their kids. An adult MAY be able to exist as a vegan, but you can’t properly develop as a child while eating that way.

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