No Heart Of Stone

The expression “You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh” was, I believe, first made in reference to the death scene in Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit.  Well, via the Knuckledragger comes a scene which made me laugh so loudly I woke up the neighbor’s baby.  Go ahead and watch it — but stuff a hanky in your mouth first.

I was also amused by the author’s comment “I’m not going to just relish in or laugh at the Antifa protester getting beat down here…”  because I laughed like a hyena.  Little shit got everything coming to him.

We need more, not fewer Pantifa beatings.


  1. Right at the beginning of the beat down, when the driver got out and took a swing, the clown in black’s arms shot out to the sides, looking like a total sissy. It takes unbelievable stupidity to stand in front of a 2 ton moving vehicle like that. The driver should have kept beating him til he was unconscious, then took a big, clear pik of his mug and pulled his ID out and pikked that too and then upload all of it. Public ridicule would do wonders for his conversion to sanity.

  2. I’ve watched that video about ten times so far, and it just keeps getting better every time.

    I agree that yanking the mask off the little bitches and posting their mugs on the innertubes would go a long way to dissuading their fellow Pantifa from blocking more roads. When your face is on the news, Mom and Dad are gonna be pissed, and they won’t let you out of your basement apartment to go play with your other special friends.

  3. Yeah, loved it when I saw it yesterday.

    The thing these jackwagons just don’t get is they’re not going to win hearts and minds to their side when their main strategy is to inconvenience people who actually have JOBS, and therefore don’t have time for street theater. Saw it a few years back when Occupy Wall Street was doing their thing, they linked arms to try to block access to the train station I needed to make my way home. I think the look on my face after a long day of work made them think twice about trying to stop me, because they unlinked their arms and let me thru.

  4. From the voice and the body language, I think the “bitch”, as the driver addressed her, was a girl.
    That makes the result doubly sweet, as the feminazis want all the goodies of manhood without the load that comes with that. She just met reality, and the load was too heavy.
    It made me think of the women who hollered for pay equal to the USA Men’s Soccer team for the USA Women’s Soccer Team. That’s the team that lost to a team of 14 years old and under boys in an exhibition game.
    Legislating, protesting, identifying all they like, won’t change reality. Almost none of these Anthropogenic CC morons can lay out their case in numbers, and I’ve yet to see even one of them compare the sun’s incident radiation energy to the energy all of mankind produces. The sun’s output outweighs us mere humans’ output by a factor of thousands.

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