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In another bulletin from the so-called “Internet of Things” comes this shocker:

Amazon and Google unwittingly approved smart-speaker apps designed to eavesdrop on users and steal their passwords

“Unwittingly.”  Uh huh.

I’m rapidly getting to the stage where the prefix “smart-” is becoming equivalent to “socialist” or “Democrat”.

And the day I say something to an appliance (e.g. a Bad Word) and it talks back to me is the day it gets fed some .357 Magnum FMJ bullets till it shuts up.

(I’m not saying that’s also true of socialists or Democrats;  but the way they’re going, anything’s possible.)


  1. The day is coming when you’ll no longer be able to avoid the invasion of the mind snatchers….

    We are looking for a new TV for the living room, maybe 65″ or so, and find it troubling that everything out there is of the “smart” variety. It’s impossible to fight the enemy when you invite it right into your home.

    ….unless you are willing to do without.

    1. That’s the idea. Find something they can’t do without and put the snoop program in it. George Orwell just didn’t make it clear that the proles WANTED the visi-screens in their homes. Ray Bradbury got closer with the idea of the floor-to-ceiling/ wall-to-wall TVs but he didn’t make them explicitly two-way. These new Smart TVs might make the Third Amendment no longer a dead letter.

      Ghostsniper, is there nothing in the used market that might meet privacy requirements?

  2. There’s a meme that goes –

    My girlfriend asked me why I carry a gun in the house. I looked at her and said “decepticons”. She laughed, I laughed, the toaster laughed. I shot the toaster. It was a good time.

    BTW, decepticons are from the transformer series of movies.

    1. If they really want to spy on you, you won’t see the results of that in the normal logs. It’ll be embedded in the data stream.

  3. I worked with a fellow who had Siri enabled in his car.
    He always addressed it as “Siri, you bitch.”

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