The Old And The New

…or maybe, the old & the young:

Dennis Quaid, 65, is ‘ENGAGED to PhD student girlfriend Laura Savoie, 26’ just five months after going public

And a pic of the loving couple explains it all:

“HOW CAN SHE DO IT?” is the wail.

Oh, please.  In the first place, ol’ Dennis is rich, famous and, to be honest, not at all bad for 65.  (Jeez, I’m 65 and I wish I looked half  as good.)  As for why he wants to hook up with her… do I really have to explain that?

Go, Dennis, go!   Every old fart in the world is on your side, dude.  Even if we’re as jealous as hell.


  1. Probably won’t work for long, just until the ether wears off. There’s at least 1, maybe 2, generation gaps between those 2 and that takes a toll. Ever tried to have a conversation with one of these young gashes? Almost impossible. 26 today is like 16 20 years ago. She’s a child.

  2. Sign I saw in a bar men’s room once: Remember, no matter how good she looks, some guy somewhere is tired of putting up with her shit.

    Personally, while decorative, she looks high-maintenance and expensive. Yeah, ol’ Dennis can afford her, I don’t think I’d bother. Maybe as a rental, but no way I’d purchase. Not that I’d have a snowball’s chance in Hell in the first place…..

    1. He should have consulted with Paul McCartney first.

      At seventy, my sex drive isn’t much more than a memory. The advantage of this is that while I still appreciate beautiful women, I no longer feel the urge to write bad checks.

      1. I’m 66, sneaking up on 67 here and I still like to look at the pretty girls.

        I just don’t remember why…

  3. GOODNESS,,,,,, GRACIOUS,,,,,, GREAT BALLS of FIRE ! ! ! !

    Or something like that, Quaid did a great job as Jerry Lee Lewis so he can probably pull this one off too.

  4. Good Googa Mooga!
    Reckon Dennis figures if he’s gonna go – GO out with a BANG – if not multiple reports!

  5. She looks mean to me. Old Dennis, looking like that, must spend half his life in the gym. If he spends the other half cuddling this honey, it may be worth it. Probably has a bowl of blue pills on his nightstand. A full life.

    1. Hate to say it, but at our age, the bowl of blue pills has come to replace the bottle of Southern Comfort on the nightstand.
      This “getting old” thing sucks.

  6. Those PHD’s are not cheap. Not sure from the look but that could be her keep away look. At 64 I still remember and the pipes work every so often, but at that age not sure I could keep up, even with chemicals.

    But if Dennis can more power to him. Least he is not telling us what we are doing wrong.

  7. She gets ……. Depending on the prenup …
    access to all his Hollywood connections.
    a generous spending allowance
    No need to reveal if she actually knows anything trying to earn that Phd. ( professional student previously banging her Professor???)
    to live in whatever homes he has ( I’m assuming at least a beach house )
    his estate if she can get him to go Nelson Rockefeller on her.
    assuming she lasts 10 years or so 1/2 of what remains when he trades her in for the next one.

    He gets ……… you did see the pictures ??

  8. Elaine Hendrix, who played the erstwhile new woman, Meredith Blake, in the remake of the Parent Trap Dennis Quaid starred in (the one with Lindsay Lohan) tweeted “Watch out for the twins!”

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