Monday Funnies

I know exactly how ol’ Hugh feels… especially after having had his eardrums blown out at the movies.

So let’s get with the laughter-injections:

Ditto Dallas, and north Texas in general.  Looks like the Dallas North Tollway at 7.00am or 6.00pm, only with fewer pickup trucks.  And matters aren’t helped by things like this:

Meanwhile, in Wyoming:

But what the hell, let’s stop traffic with a little glimpse of something out of Louisiana named Katherine LaNasa:

Keep your eyes on the road, folks…

Made ya look.


  1. that sweet thang from Nawlings better hide that black face poster in the background or she’ll never work in hollyweird again.

      1. The yellow dress pik, on the right in the background.
        Movies: one more thing I’ll most likely never do again for a variety of reasons. Last time I was in a theater was to see U-571.

          1. good point, don’t know what the heck I was looking at! I didn’t pick up she was in Longmire until seeing this. She’s smouldering

          2. Ah, Yes….”Longmire”…..I thought her name & chassis was familiar. Married to Dennis Hopper IIRC.

  2. Ah yes, Wyoming. Home of the drive-thru liquor store!

    But all you clowns from failing states stay away, you won’t like it. Long, cold winters, the wind blows 100 mph all the time, we own LOTS of guns & like to shoot them, our diversity is nil. Just leave us the hell alone!

    1. LOL Hash. New Wife and I are watching the Longmire series, and she’s asking me to look at real estate up there.
      But hey, if we’re not going to be welcome…

      1. Well of course folks like YOU & the Mrs. are welcome any time!

        Longmire is supposed to be set near Buffalo but all the filming was done in NM. Go figure. Buffalo area is very nice, we are over near Yellowstone & love it. Winters can be long but the summers are gloriously hot and DRY. A lot better than that sweat-hole NC we moved from.

  3. As to Hugh’s aural problems:
    Yes, the movies are way too loud, and FTMP it’s the sound levels in the film, particularly the background music which tends to drown out the dialogue.
    You’d think the writers would complain, but I guess they don’t have the clout they once did.

  4. “The older I get, the more I wonder what Kevin McAllister’s dad did to afford this house …”

    Me too. I see that all the time. People in la-la land have no idea about normal people, normal jobs, and normal budgets. Even reality shows, like house hunters, gets me. “Mike and his partner Fred, both in their 20’s, would like a blah-blah-blah home in the somewhere suburbs, with a yada yada so they can both work from home. Their budget is $750,000 and they’re ready to decide.” My wife’s trying to decide which house they’ll pick, I’m trying to figure out how 2 young gay men can afford a $750k mortgage when neither has any sort of special job.

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