Mail, I Get Mail

Every so often my Brit buddies send me mail that gets me going.  From Mr. Free Market:

“Sitting in the BA First Class lounge this afternoon.  Guess I’m going to make Greta cry again…”

And from The Englishman:

“I think the menu for a Defender launch event says all I need to know about the target customer…”

(From Kim:  No Full English Brekkie, nary a steak pie or sausage roll, and forget about a good bacon butty*.   My earlier post about this silly vehicle is quite appropriate, I think.  And WTF is a “frittata”?)

From Reader PaulG, who isn’t a Brit but could be:

And so say all of us.

Then Mr. FM gets serious:

The addendum to your post [yesterday] on 6.5mm should be along the lines of this:

6.5 Creed is ballistically better than the Swede but in the real world, not enough.
More critically it fails the “where do I get ammo?” test.  Sure sure in the US you have aisles dedicated to Creedmore:  not so in the rest of the world.
The first time I went to Africa there were 3 chaps from Texas there. They’d become detached from their ammo — but the real problem was they were all shooting some sort of WSSM & we were in a Safari camp!!!
If the Swede isn’t enough for you, shoot 270. Your PH or stalker will have a box of it in the glove box.

True dat.

*   “bacon butty” (for my Murkin Readers):


  1. If the Queen did decide to behead all of Parliament, is there really any Brits who would shed more than a tear over it, if they shed any at all? Based on what I’ve seen, Parliament is full of the same power-grubbing Marxist fucksticks as our Congress, only more overtly Marxist because they’ve managed to take away most of the guns from the Brits and so don’t fear an armed revolution as much as their American counterparts.

  2. > “I think the menu for a Defender launch event says all I need to know about the target customer…”

    Too bloody right.

  3. Miz Liz’ comments remind me of a LadyFriend that maintained that being a Princess beat the Hell out of being Queen; “Because a Princess doesn’t have to schlep off to work every morning.”

  4. I had thought of replacing my 4wd Mazda ute with a Defender.
    What is a Defender? Not a vehicle for farm work.
    Earlier I had thought of a Discovery Sport to replace said ute and a sedan.
    Phone call to dealer-
    Me – can you put a bull-bar on it?
    Him – Oh no, sir. Land Drover are very conscious of injury to pedestrians.
    Me – does it have a particulate burner, and if so is there a manual over-ride.
    Him – We certainly have a particulate removal system because we are Euro VI compliant and very conscious of our duty to the environment, and it comes on only when needed.
    Me – how many of these things have you sold to farmers?
    Him – Yes it is a bit odd, but we have not yet sold one to a farmer.

    Mazda and Isuzu are producing a ute soon; as is Hyundai. Sorry Motherland, but you have gone to jelly: no Land Drover for me.

    1. Utes – the vehicles the Aussies get that Americans can only dream of owning.

      If Ford came up to me today and said “Look, we’ll put Utes for sale in the USA, but you have to kill someone.” my response would be “Do you want the body found or not?”

  5. “…fails the “where do I get ammo?” test. ”

    Indeed. At one time I got all Tim Allen “re-wire it”, and was considering doing something one-off like necking down 7 X 57 mm to 6.5. (Like Steve McQueen in ‘The Magnificent Seven’, “At the time, it seemed like a good idea”). At the time I was able to travel from California to the ancestral family stomping grounds in the wilds of west Texas to hunt deer. Two thoughts eventually put a damper on my project.

    1) See above. The vision of unpacking in Texas and realizing that I had left my carefully crafted one-off
    handloads sitting at home on my work bench.
    2) The deer don’t care.

    I hunt deer with a 308. Winchester M70 SS Classic.

    The odds of me ever owning a 6.5 are pretty slim. I shot NRA highpower rifle for decades. I am literally belt buckle deep in 308 components. Just one of my 50 cal ammo cans is STILL half full of once fired military LC 77 match brass. When I originally got the can, it was full, and a gift.

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