Loyal Readers will remember when I posted this pic a while ago:

From Reader MikeS comes this confession:

When I looked at the pulp novel cover art my thoughts, in order:

That model Thompson won’t take a drum mag.
That bayonet is not issue for either the 98k or the M1 carbine.
Is that revolver a S&W or an H&R?
She needs some sandwiches and milkshakes.

I gotta get a life.

I have to admit, I chuckled.


  1. Me, my first thought was, “that guy is crazy to trust the details of his little project to that babe.” Nothing good could possibly come of that.

  2. Bayonet? I thought it was a sword.

    Tommy gun got my eye first, blond second. but I blame that on seeing it on my phone and fine details are not good there.

    Does look like he is using some extra special tools to affect the election of officials. Or at least I assume that is the reason for photos on the wall.

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