Not For Sale

Several years ago, one of our county sheriffs was running for reelection, and was asked his opinion about federal attempts at gun confiscation.  His reply was simple:

“They’ll have to get past my deputies first.”

He won by a landslide.

Here’s a little something for the Socialists to chew on while they make their little totalitarian schemes:

“Mandatory gun buybacks” is an imported idea that Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke supported after the mass shooting in El Paso. The idea comes from Australia where the government instituted a mandatory buyback program following a mass shooting in 1996.
Liberals swoon at the results: suicides and homicides plummeted. But in addition to the mandatory buyback program, there was radical gun control legislation, making it much more difficult to own any kind of firearm.
Nevertheless, gun confiscation is no longer a scare tactic used by Republicans to get elected. It’s here. And it’s real.

Not gonna happen.  You can call it whatever you want, but we know what it is:  confiscation.

Good luck with that.  Bring body bags.  Oh, and send that little fucker “Beta” O’Rourke in first.


  1. I just wonder what’s going to happen to those people that truly don’t own firearms when the Gestapo come a-knockin’.

    I frequently ask liberals that question, and remind them of how the Boston PD acted when they were looking for the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber.

  2. Kim,
    For a while I’ve been contemplating selling the M44 Russian Blunderbuss. I’m starting to have second thoughts.

  3. Never ever, EVER trust a gov’t employee.
    When push comes to shove that sheriff will ALWAYS protect his paycheck and you don’t matter.

  4. It wasn’t just a “gun buyback” — though it eludes me how a government can “buy back” something it never owned or sold me in the first place — it was also a deliberate and enduring smear of Australian gun owners through every outlet of media.

    My car was kicked and spat on because I had a Sporting Shooters Association of Australia decal on the window. My younger daughter threw her arms around my waist one evening, crying because I was going to prison because I was a “bad man” who owned guns. I was, literally, screamed at by a semi-hysterical woman while manning an information stand for the SSAA at the state show (fair). “Murderer” and “killer” were two of the kinder things she called me.

    The new legislation expressly forbade self-defence as a reason for owning a firearm. Certain types of firearms were effectively banned: semi-automatic rimfire and centrefire, pump-action shotguns, and handguns were restricted to .38 calibre or less and ONLY for “accepted” competition. There is NO CCW in Australia. Firearms must be stored in an “approved” gun safe, with ammo in a separate, locked compartment. In Western Australia, where I live, components are considered “ammunition”, so my projectiles and unprimed brass, and primers, require another safe, as does my powder. By law, NO-ONE can know the location of my safe keys, not even my wife.

    Firearms are not permitted to “look” like a banned firearm; hence, for example, in WA, barrels shrouds are banned, and the police want a ban on picatinny rails. The Remington 7615 is also banned because it “can” accept an AR-15 magazine — despite the fact it’s illegal to own such a magazine.

    Folding stocks are banned.

    Sound moderators are banned.

    Gel blasters are banned.

    Airsoft is banned.

    Paintball projectors are heavily regulated.

    Airguns require a full firearms licence.

    Slingshots, unless homemade, are illegal in WA.

    Crossbows are illegal in WA.

    Compound bows should be “registered” with the police.

    It is illegal to carry a knife in Australia “without justifiable reason”.

    Any medical person (e.g. doctor, psych, registered nurse, physio) can report you as being “unfit” to own a firearm. Your guns will then be taken and your licence cancelled. To get them back, you have to employ a lawyer and front a state tribunal. Even if you win, the person who reported you is protected by law from being held responsible for their actions.

    Firearms owners are issued with an ID card which MUST be produced on demand to a police officer — even if you don’t have your guns with you.

    Switch barrel rifles are legal — but each barrel has to be registered and licensed as a separate firearm.

    A licence application must show accepted “need” and “reason” for owning the firearm. If you want to hunt, you need written permission from a landowner. If you want a firearm for competitive purposes, it is illegal to use it for hunting. You must also participate in a stipulated number of recognised competitions per annum.

    Firearms owners are recorded on the national police database CrimTrac, along with paedophiles, drug dealers, career criminals …

    See where I’m going? Once they start, they NEVER stop!

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