Stolen Loot

Maybe it’s a major character flaw, but for some reason, I can’t get upset about what this guy did:

Fraudster, 61, commits suicide at his Missouri ranch three days after he was handed 10-year sentence for falsely marketing corn and soybeans as organic in $142M scam and then ‘spending the cash on gambling and escorts in Vegas’

I mean, seriously:  if you’re going to defraud stupid people for their bullshit beliefs and oh-so-virtuous lifestyle, why not  go to Vegas and gamble / whore the money away?  Go out in style, say I.

Have to say, though:  $142 million  on chips and whores?  Dude.


I’m surprised he lasted long enough to suck on his exhaust pipe.


  1. While he received $142 mil for the corn and sbns, he did have to grow them and that cost a lot of money. His net profit was increased because the organic price was higher than the non-organic, so he netted a significantly smaller amount than the $142 mil being tossed about, the press is just being the press and making it appear much worse than it actually was and ignoring gross vs net.

  2. I wonder how he got caught…
    It can’t have been the vegan ecoweenie greenies as they’re too stupid.

    So pretty much unless he was bragging about it, there’s very little risk involved.

  3. Well, think of all the folks who died from eating non-organic corn and soybean products, the humanity of it all. Then guy after gambling and whoring away millions and millions leaves his wife behind to go back to teaching school and this is what she had to say, post Epstein….. which just goes to show you.

    (Constant’s wife, Pam, said in a statement. ‘I know Randy was deeply ashamed of his conduct. As much as we tried to be there for him it was clearly just too much for Randy.’ She said he would be remembered as ‘a wonderful father, community leader, tireless volunteer and my beloved husband of 39 years.’)

    He will be missed by casinos and hookers would be a more appropriate epitaph !

  4. Many years back, a University of Illinois official was busted for embezzling about $800,000 from a fund he was in charge of. The guy was was apparently a true nebbish, from his picture. He reportedly spent the entire amount in a strip club/brothel on Mannheim Road.

    A sleazebag friendof mine remarked “That’s an awesome amount of pussy.”

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