News Roundup

…wherein I couldn’t be bothered to post anything more than a one-line comment.

1)  Stanford pushes separate physics course for minority students — the problem won’t be finding “minority” students for these classes — I fully expect them to be dumbed down to 10th-grade level so as to pass as many as possible– but I’m more interested in where Stanford will find the minority lecturers to teach  them.  (Also:  which  minorities?  Can we insist that Physics For Minorities 1.0 must include Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Persian and Jewish students instead of just the stupid  minorities?)

2)  Global Warming High Priest Loses Court Case — He refused to reveal his “source” data because it was all invented and he knew that it wouldn’t even stand up to scrutiny by a freshman Statistics class.  Quelle surprise.

3)  BritPM Politely Tells The EU To Eff Off — this after hearing that the U.S. will give them a quick, yuge and profitable trade deal.  In essence, Boris said “No deal?  No exit fee.”  (The EU will have difficulty staying together without Britishland’s annual contribution, which is why they’re trying to stop Brexit, as any fule kno.)

4)  Joe Walsh Announces Presidential Run — Hey, he warned us that he would, many years ago.

Couldn’t do much worse than any of the Socialist candidates, IMO.

5)  Lefties Start Turning Towards Violence — …and Kim buys more ammo and goes to the range.  (Incidentally, when I took the Browning High Wall .45-70 Govt to the indoor range a couple days back, I told the nervous young clerk that the bullet wouldn’t go through  the back wall, but it might push it over.  Only the laughter from the older guys stopped him from doing something silly.)


  1. My pal Idaho Bill has a 45-120 Sharps replica.
    A lot of fun!
    On rare occasions. Once, or maybe twice… then the ‘flinch’ ratchets-up.

    He also has a .405 CheyTac.
    With a 2×2 target across the canyon in his backyard.
    A two-foot steel square at 1,700 meters.
    The kick of a .243, a lot of fun for hours!
    About us$10 a trigger-pull.

    But, then, we’re weird that way.
    And knowing all the dialogue.

  2. News item #5, re: 45-70 …

    Buddy of mine who is a died-in-the-wool 1911 fan recently bought a stainless steel Henry lever gun in .44 magnum. He was considering the version in .45-70, but since he wasn’t planning on hunting woolly mammoth, he figured .44 mag would be enough. He’s also got a Smithy wheel gun in .44 mag so the two pair up quite nicely.
    His reason for .45ACP, .44mag, etc. . . . simple. Big holes are easier to see !!!

  3. Stanford is doing it wrong. What is needed is a general remedial high school year. Chances are that deficiencies in HS physics/chemistry/biology are mirrored by deficiencies in English/history etc. IOW, just generally crappy secondary ed caused by indifferent parenting, lousy teaching, classroom disruption that isn’t squelched and so forth. Say, wait a minute, what are community colleges for, anyway? Why pay Stanford rates for what a community college could do, and possibly better.
    Plus, if you ghettoize courses, you implicitly deprecate any learning that may actually happen.
    When I was in college in 19mumble-mumble, the engineering school offered an electrical engineering course for liberal arts majors, universally known as Shocks for Jocks. The geology department also had a survey course, Rocks for Jocks. Neither could be taken for credit by people in the respective concentrations. The engineering course was taught by a full professor, an excellent teacher, and was one of the university’s most popular courses for decades. If you do it well, they will come.

  4. When I was a young sailor I had a conversation with one of our engineering officers (a junior grade lieutenant if I recall correctly) about where I might think about going to college when I got out of the service. This guy was a graduate of Perdue and very sharp. He defined the sciences pretty well for me.

    If it moves – it’s biology
    If it stinks – it’s chemistry
    If it just sits there and does nothing and has a formula to prove why it does nothing – it’s physics

  5. Started casting and loading for 45-70 with an original Trapdoor Springfield rifle in ’78.

    Additional 45-70’s in my safe–
    Original Remington Lee stamped with crossed anchors and “U.S.N.”.
    Sharps Infantry Model (Italian replica).
    Marlin 1895 (modern). Purchased at military rod and gun club. Later installed octagon barrel and full
    length magazine tube. This was before their Cowboy models.
    Browning 1886 Winchester (made by Miroku). Beautiful rifle, but that steel crescent butt plate does
    get your attention.

  6. The minorities-only science class allows them to teach the Lucky Louie theory (that black folk in Egypt knew how to fly before the mad scientist Jakub created white people and set them to vexing black folk and stealing their magical powers) without the white students sniggering giddily.

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