Life Under The Liberals

To the surprise of precisely nobody, a government which welcomes illegal immigrants, allows people to live like animals (under the guise of “compassion”) and muzzles the police from actual policing  ends up with a situation that is (unexpectedly!) dire:

Images from the downtown area show trash piling up as workers struggle to keep the area sanitized. They are pictured wearing face masks among the dirt and grime.
Rows and rows of tents line the sidewalks of Skid Row in the sprawling 50-block area, home to around 4,200 homeless people, many in tents and shantytowns.
Some lay passed out in the street, seemingly from the effects of drugs as others are pictured lugging their property around, in search of the next spot to set up.

I’d post lots more pictures, but I imagine that some of you haven’t had yer breakfast yet, so I’ll content myself with the most inoffensive thereof:

There is no  amount of money that could persuade me ever to visit L.A. again.  I come from the Third World, I’ve been back to it a couple of times, and I have no desire to see it here in the United States.


  1. Where da industrial size flamethrowers is?

    It isn’t just LA, ALL downtown areas of major cities across the US are the same way. This stuff will start to blend in nicely as the collapse accelerates and the horrifying criminal squalor spreads outward. Got ammo?

  2. Don’t go to L.A.
    Come visit sunny (ygbkm*) Portland where, in addition to the detritus strewn on the streets, human and otherwise, the Mayor has Antifa directing traffic.
    * ygbkm – ya gotta be kiddin’ me

  3. Worse than that, I’ve been hearing that doctors are seeing diseases we haven’t seen in civilized nations in centuries, like typhus, bubonic plague, cholera, and other wonderful maladies directly attributable to lack of sanitation and basic hygiene.

    Mark D

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