Simple Needs

At ol’ CW’s place:


My only issue is with the Ruger 10-22 (although it’s not the world’s worst option), simply because I prefer my little Taurus pump.

Also, given the terrain his hideout is in the middle of, that “deer rifle” had better be able to reach out really  far and touch something, because it’s kinda lacking in cover.  I’m thinking a Dakota Model 10 in 6.5x55mm Swede or .300 Win Mag:

But those little quibbles aside, his principal thesis is perfectly sound.  Especially the last item:



  1. Not much to quibble with here. But I’m working 28 and counting with a brunette. I see the attraction but I’m sticking with what works for me. 😉

    And about that biltong and bush meat franchise?…

  2. And freckles, she must have some freckles!

    My wife of 29 years might not agree though……:)

  3. Similar to what we have now, cept for the waterfront part.
    Put a wrap around porch on that house and it’s ours.
    That building to the right is my workshop office where I live most of the time.
    My wife of 35 years is strawberry blonde but no freckles, does that count?

  4. As with others here I think that my CINCHOUSE of 32 years might object to the last item.

    The only thing I would add would be a Barrett light .50 for plinking beach trespassers while sitting on the veranda.

  5. Too close to sea level … Tsunami are a real possibility anywhere coastal, any time and without much if any warning. More heavy firepower definitely wanted in that exposed a position. 7×57 might be a better compromise as it eats less powder than the magnum, and the cases can be properly made from far more options than the otherwise excellent Swede. Spent a significant portion of my life with a copper-headed freckle faced gal, and no regrets, but there was fire there, and not for just everyone, to be sure.

    Otherwise … seems idyllic

  6. A couple things…


    These folks claim fasting physically cleans the brain of rubbish.


    CZ 550

    Cabela’s in Eugene Oregon has one in 30.06 topped with a Nikon ‘Buckmaster’. Every time I brought it to my shoulder, I was looking through the cross-hairs. us$650 or there-abouts.

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