Suicidal Decision

Perhaps she’s been worn down by all the Brexit negotiations with the Eurotools, or perhaps she just wants to stick it in the eye of the nation which seemingly wants her out of office (or both), but this piece of work by BritPM Theresa May is otherwise inexplicable:

Theresa May has today been accused of showing ‘very poor judgement’ and risking the special relationship with the US by allowing Huawei to help build Britain’s new 5G network.

I can think of a better term than “poor judgement”, but I still have some vestiges of the gentleman in me.  Try this deluded asshole, though:

But Cabinet minister David Lidington today defended Huawei’s potential involvement, insisting the company was privately run and not linked to the ruling Communist Party.

Uh huh… and when the SHTF and China possesses every last piece of information coming out of Britain, this Lidington guy can sit back and sneer, from the deck chair on the patio of his beach cottage in the Maldives:

…which of course he could afford on a politician’s salary [eyeroll].

Needless to say, this foolishness has not passed by without a reaction from our POTUS:

And Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in February: ‘If a country adopts [Huawei] and puts it in some of their critical information systems, we won’t be able to share information with them, we won’t be able to work alongside them. We won’t even be able to co-locate American resources, an American embassy, an American military outpost’.

Which, by the way, is yet another in a long line of reasons why it was a good thing that Trump kept Hillary Bitch Clinton’s enormous ass out of the Oval Office in 2016 — or else we’d have to be learning Mandarin to communicate with the telecoms by now.

Speaking of which:  where were our  telecom folks in all this?  Were Verizon or AT&T taking a nap when the 5G bids were put in?  (Don’t answer that, it’s too depressing).

Sheesh, it’s bad enough that we have to spend untold millions to keep the fucking Chinese from taking over our systems with their army of hackers, without so-called allies just handing over the keys to the kingdom for nothing.

Unless, of course, a similar Chinese-sponsored condo in the Maldives is part of May’s retirement plan.  Which would not surprise me either, come to think of it.



  1. Can we end Five Eyes now? As the last election and NATO spending has amply proved, the UK is not a reliable ally. It is questionable as to whether they are even a democracy these days. And this is with the Tories in power. Imagine when Labor takes over, probably in the next election.

  2. As usual, when politicians make IT decisions, they manage to figure out the most idiotic option and then go with that.

  3. “the company was privately run and not linked to the ruling Communist Party”.

    1. Bullshit when talking about the PRC. I would bet that all the senior members of the company are Party members.

    2. Even if true, you really think the CEO and his staff are going to say no when the MSS comes calling?

    “Great life style you have here. Be a shame if your name came up in another one of our “corruption” trials”.

  4. As companies become converged with SJW bullshit, their primary job – making money – becomes compromised.

    Is it any wonder that developing new tech in NA is falling by the wayside when you’re nodes concerned about having right amount of properly colored and gender indeterminate people working for you regardless of their competency ?

  5. To say that many, many people here are concerned at this suicidal decision would be a massive understatement. We badly need a new Government. (NOT Corby).

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