Not So Fast

So there’s this poll result which says the following:

53 percent of Californians are considering moving out of state due to the high cost of living.  Millennials are even more likely to flee the Golden State — 63 percent of them said they want to.

Seeing as everyone’s all okay with using personal data these days, how about this thought:

Cross-reference all those Californians who want to leave California with their voting records in the last presidential- and /or mid-term elections.  If they voted Democrat in either, then they can’t leave to live in a red state.  If they voted Democrat in both, then they have to stay where they are.

Sound fair?


  1. “If they voted Democrat in either, then they can’t leave to live in a red state. If they voted Democrat in both, then they have to stay where they are.”

    Rounds the bases of logic, simplicity and being verifiable.

  2. Let ’em flee Californistan, Taxachessetts, The peoples Republik of New Jersistan, etc, But when they cross the border to the Red states they must leave their liberal voting behind.
    The way it works today is they flee the taxes and regulations of the socialist states & come to Florida (My gunshine state) and promptly want to bring their socialist crap to Florida. (or Texas or Alabama etc.)
    What is needed is a re-education center on the border of each red state to “adjust” the mindset of those fleeing their socialist nirvana.

    1. What’s needed on the border of blue states is a wall like the Berlin Wall where the vopos shoot residents with Dem voter registration who try to leave, a no-man’s land, then a red state wall with checkpoints to verify the few non-Dem registrants trying to escape.
      The damnyankee liberals have flocked to the DC area like locusts and their big gummint cancer has spread south to Fredericksburg and west to consume formerly conservative and rural Loudon County in my beloved and formerly very conservative Virginia. They are a plague of locusts who devour their seed corn, ruining where they live, and move on to repeat the stupidity on somebody else’s place. Virginia is now a blue state.

  3. Wife has relatives who moved from St. Helena in N. California to Arizona last year because they can’t stand all the lefty California stuff and think they are moderate conservatives and they are really nutty liberals, at least by Texas standards. Visiting here about a year ago and driving through the Hill Country around Bandera and Utopia they could not figure out why there were such good well maintained roads in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Being an Arizona native and staring at the forefront of this wave…I’m not holding my breath.
    They’ve already done quite a bit to turn Phoenix into East LA.
    Glad I’ll be dead in 20 years.

  5. Being in a pretty conservative county in central Cal I’m gonna hang in here.
    Looking around at Idaho, Texas, Montana, etc., I don’t see anywhere that is not turning blue.
    Yeah, it’s expensive but at mid 70’s I don’t have to worry too much longer.
    Besides, when the SHTF I can still hit a blue helmet at 400yds. Might be fun.

  6. Considering what those California people have done to Colorado (and are doing as I type with their Red Flag nonsense), I would say looking at their voting record is least we can do. We don’t need more California people here.

  7. Living in Florida, I want to institute a rule where ALL of their taxes are charged at the rate of their old state for a minimum of 15 years, plus a $50,000 per person impact fee for moving here. Maybe that’ll keep some of the assholes out.

    I also want to bring the “tourist tax” up to 100%.

    1. When I lived in Nevada (born and raised in Las Vegas) I used to advocate for a ‘move in tax’ primarily to cover the cost of schools for newcomer families kids. I don’t know if its still happening but there was a considerable period of time where the city and county was adding 10+ schools per year (with 3000 student capacities in the high schools) and were falling further and further behind the demand because _so_ many people were moving there.

      Now that Nevada has been californicated, my remaining relatives there are starting to look at moving, though it breaks their hearts. Let the nest foulers pay all those damn taxes to support more nest foulers.

  8. But, but, but, we are only doing it, screwing up your conservative states by moving in, for our own selfish good and the good of the people and just ice and all that shit the Califi -Fornicators tell us. Because they know better than us and there is a reason why there should be a bounty on them.

  9. Let them leave…but I favor a Three Strikes law. Three votes for the Dems, and you can never vote again. Being too stupid to be trusted with the franchise.

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