Insty had a post last week which linked to both an article about the importance of shooting with consistent accuracy, and the MantisX training system.

Yes to the first, and WTF to the second.  ($150?)

I am way too much of a Cheap Bastard to use a sophisticated thing like the MantisX.  Instead, I use a much simpler (and much cheaper) system:

Feel free to copy.  It works at any distance.


  1. My “system” is similar to yours, but where yours says “YOU SUCK,” mine says “TRY AGAIN.” “YOU SUCK” is beyond the outer ring, usually off the edge of the paper.

  2. I used to have to range-coach when my National Guard Armor Battalion went to the rifle range. The Tankers were great at hitting stuff with 105mm rounds at 1,000 meters. They stunk at riflery (the old-timers qualified on a different range with the M3 grease-gun).

    I got really good at walking down the line saying “breathing, trigger-pull, position, you’re all over the place…”

  3. A relative of a coworker who was a chicago PD gave me an interesting practice target method based on cheapskatery of the department at their practices.

    After shooting the center out of a normal target, cut vertical strips about 2″ wide (best if you have stiff or heavier paper targets) from the hopefully unshot edges in; you should get a few unless you suck.

    Put a dot in the center of the strips and hang one vertically from the target holder. Proceed to shoot the strip in half, at the dot, using the minimum number of shots. The fewer shots, the less you suck.

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