Crushing The Peasants

Here we go again:

Despite having many of their demands met when French President Emmanuel Macron caved to the increasing public pressure, the yellow vest squads are still out in the streets calling for his resignation. It seems that the French government has had enough of this unrest and is preparing new legislation aimed at tossing the unhappy peasants into the dungeon if they don’t go home and shut up.

Governments never seem to learn:  the harsher the punishments you heap on people you’re oppressing, the more violence will be inflicted on you in response, eventually.  You heard it here, first:  if the gendarmes start shooting, I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole bunch of WWII-era weapons are unearthed (sometimes literally), to make an appearance at a forthcoming demonstration, or when somebody faces one of these new punishments.

Vivez les giles jaunes!!  


  1. It is delicious ironic that the government mandated yellow vests have become a de-facto uniform, providing a sense of unity to the protesters. They are only a step now from a semi organized crowd, to an army.

  2. What do they have to lose? They’ve been crushed by taxes. Now they are waking up and realizing that those taxes are paying the welfare for ghettos full of unwanted hostile immigrants, and the comfy lifestyles of their city elites.

  3. It is not a serious protest until they march on the Bastille.
    If and when those old rifles/etc. are unearthed, France will have themselves an “Unorganized Militia”, and the basis for a Sixth Republic.

  4. The potential problem with expecting the French to unearth their buried arms is that most of the ww2 Maquis were communists, if I recall correctly, and would be unlikely to oppose the direction the French .gov is heading. If the rest of the original Resistance were to dig up theirs, the communists might bring theirs out to support the .gov forces.
    Hmm, might be near time to break out the stocks of popcorn!

  5. Sorry, I didn’t have my glasses on and just woke up from afternoon nappy poo….thought post title was crushing PEANUTS….What the hell are the French doing crushing peanuts ? …then my vision cleared…

  6. While I admire their goals and sympathize with their plight, the Yellow Vests are nothing more than a bunch of socialists who have been truth-slapped upside the head by the sudden realization that “Free” isn’t. However this turns out, the French will have surrendered to the French; a simultaneous victory AND defeat, as only the French could possibly accomplish.

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