…and not any trends that I can enjoy, either.  Here’s the first:

Trendy cafes ban ‘superfood’ [avocado]  amid fears they are damaging the environment and boosting criminal cartels

Seriously?  Feel free to read the whole thing, but it may make you ill when you see how the Trendy Elite justify total foolishness.  (Then, on the other hand, these are the same people who read the Guardian and the NYFT, and blindly vote Labour / Democrat [i.e. socialist], so small wonder they’re vapid idiots.)

But if you thought that was stupid, try this piece of utter bullshit:

Chef Heston Blumenthal reveals newfound taste for GRAVEL after adding pebbles and rocks from his garden to soup

So, to sum up the meals of the future:  avocados bad, gravel and pebbles good.

Got it.  Fucking morons.


  1. Chef /Blumenthal/? But Stone Soup is an /Irish/ delicacy. Isn’t that cultural appropriation? I’m clutching my – oh, wait, I’m male.

    Life is so complicated.

  2. In Oz we have a bird known as a galah: a type of large parrot. Observations by the early settlers (“white invaders”) noted the bird as a bit mentally under-developed, and hence politicians are often called stupid galahs.
    But (to the point) there is the recipe for cooking a galah.
    Take a pot and add sufficient water to cover galah. Add a rock. Bring to boil. When rock is soft, eat rock and chuck the galah away.
    Maybe Hester has re-invented galah soup: or, perhaps he is just a flaming galah

  3. Well if you pick the gravel along the edge where the dogs like to pee I can see that adding a certain quality to the soup…

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