Broken Bones

In response to the scourge of “moped thieves” (louts who rob people, often violently, then speed off on little — stolen — 50cc scooters and motorbikes), London’s Metropolitan Police have instituted a policy of “chase and knock down” — in effect, chasing after said thieves, then ramming them with their cars if the criminals refuse to stop.  To the surprise of nobody, this has been extraordinarily effective in getting arrests.

[pause to allow the cheering and applause to subside, on both sides of the Atlantic]

Of course, knocking some little scrote off a moving motorcycle can cause injury, and has.  (Okay, you can knock off those catcalls and jeers now, my ears are hurting.)

And predictably, the Usual Suspects are wailing that this is Crool & Hartless, and Nobody Deserves This Rough Treatment, etc. etc. etc.  You’ve heard all this nonsense before.

If you follow the above link however, do not miss the Comments section below the article.  And in case you don’t have time to go over to the Mail‘s website, here are but a few of my favorites:

“Forgive me if I see violent criminals being injured as a bonus.”
“I’m just disappointed they’re not reversing back over them.”
“I don’t care if they suffer breaks to all the bones in their bodies. Quite frankly who cares?”
“Good job. Don’t stop.”
“Who cares about dead robbers? The more the merrier!” — and from one man who could well have been one of my Loyal Readers:
“Don’t chase them, very dangerous, use snipers!”

And here’s the reason for the anger and vitriol.  Most of these larcenous little fuckers (and they’re almost all teenagers, by the way) have little problem in using violence to rob people, whether the weapons are hammers, clubs or machetes — imagine having your arm nearly sliced off just so that some little shit can take your iPhone — which is why the public, if the commenters at the Daily Mail  are at all representative, are so angry about all this.

Furthermore, the use of mopeds means that these armed robbers can roam all over London — meaning that nowhere is “safe” anymore — thus this kind of crime can affect literally anyone in the street, and it is:  from grannies to housewives to toffs and to other teenagers, all are potential victims.

No wonder people are cheering.


  1. The robbers are also almost universally black or middle eastern/pakistani and muslim…

    But that’s of course not mentioned in newspaper articles or police press statements.

  2. I recommend a good tow strap to drag them via the Magic Roundabout (Swindon) back to the victim for positive identification.

  3. It’s sad when I start to think ethnic cleansing is probably going to be a necessary and reasonable response to whats happening in England.

    A good first step would be to stop letting the goat fuckers in in the first place. If they’d have had some fucking standards what’s coming never would have been necessary.

    1. The British government (along with the EU and UN) ARE involved in ethnic cleansing in Europe. Except it’s the whites who are being removed…

  4. I seem to recall that, back in the mid ’70’s when my Parents took me to Italy, purse-snatching from a running Vespa was a thing. I seem to recall that the women of Rome were dealing with it by filling the bottom of their purses with batteries, and using elastic straps as handles. Purse tucked under one arm, hold on just long enough to stretch the elastic some, and then let go. POW! One twerp snowed off his Vespa and into Roman traffic.

    I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this; I never saw it personally. But I think I read about it in one of the Fielding’s guides, and it sure SOUNDS like an Italian solution to the problem….

    1. Italian women, at least those in Rome, and especially those of a certain age, are not to be trifled with. Absolutely not. No, no, no not safe at all, double plus unwise.

  5. This Judge Dredd stuff sounds all well and good, but it’s only all well and good as long as the police can be trusted to not abuse the privilege. And how much do you trust the police?

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