Yeah, I’m Going To Do That

Then there’s this news:

Google has unveiled its plan to put a smart device in every room of the home as part of its digital ‘ecosystem’ that could be manipulated to eavesdrop on users.
The tech giant’s smart home concept, unveiled at a one-off event in San Francisco, showcased Google Assistant at its full potential.
It combined speakers, smart plugs, voice controlled vacuums, smart displays and cameras throughout the house.
Its digital ecosystem is designed to enable communication between rooms and family members – even if they are not at home.

Yup… here’s when I’ll be doing this:

And probably not even then.

I don’t care how “convenient” they make my life but Google Home and Alexa can go fuck themselves, they and their parent companies both.


  1. along with Alexa, add another vixen wannabe – Siri. Gee, can’t wait for “HAL 1.2” to be introduced.

  2. I just found out the other day that both my iPhome and iPad with iOS 12 default to Siri listening all the time. I said the word “serious” and Siri answered.

      1. It can be turned off, for now.

        But make no mistake, every modern smart phone can be turned against you.

  3. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if these things become to be mandated by law soon, of course with a capability for some government agency to access them remotely at any time “if needed for your or public safety”.

    In fact something not too dissimilar was proposed in the Netherlands several years ago, which would have required “smart plugs” on all electrical systems that could be disconnected remotely by the power company or yourself “in case you forgot to turn the power off” (or of course if the government thinks you’re using that computer for things they don’t like).

    1. JW,
      The problem with modern-day paranoia is that the timeline between paranoia and actuality is getting shorter and shorter.

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