Oh FFS, I did NOT need to hear about this, from Marks & Spencer in Britishland:

A supermarket pie is proving so popular with the public that production is being doubled to keep up with customer demand.
M&S launched its ‘Our Best Ever Steak Pie’ last week, and had sold out in stores nationwide that same day as customers scrambled to get their hands on the meaty treat.
And now the high street giant has announced that the £6 pie, which serves two people, has become its fastest selling product ever – with 20,000 flying off the shelves in just two days.
On its second day of sales it moved into the top 10 bestsellers list – and is already on track to become number one.

And to make matters worse, here’s what it looks like:

[exit, drooling]


  1. Almost makes me jealous of our British friends. Then I remember the outrages of the British nanny state and my jealousy goes away. Anyway I wonder how something like these pies would work if they were frozen, packed in a good insulated container with dry ice, and shipped with two day delivery. Too bad that the Commies at Amazon are about the only ones with the national infrastructure to make that work.

    1. Go easy on the Brits, they have lots of rules and laws that get ignored, it doesn’t seem very nannyish when I’m there.

      Anyway, you Yanks cant say much about that these days, having given your commies control of the House, or more accurately, having allowed so much GOP stupidity and laziness that the Democrats were once again able to steal the election.

  2. I’ll be in the UK in late April 2019. I’ll say hello from there and FedEx you some if you still want them.

    Steak and kidney pies seem better to me, or steak and venison, but they’re all good.

    1. Nah, in late April I’m going to be in Oz (details to follow). All the pies I want, there. If the Convicts had better beer, I’d stay longer.

  3. I’d still like to find somewhere I can get some wildebeast steaks without mortgaging my house, again.

  4. I’m most fortunate in this regard. Iris makes the best Steak & Guinness Pie you could ask for, and it’s not uncommon fare at our table.

    Plus, she just returned from a trip to Belfast, bringing with her 10 lbs of teabags from Tesco. Wonderful stuff, that.

    As for OZ, I almost feel sorry for you going there. We went for two weeks, ’bout five years ago now. The “sin tax” on things like pizza, alcohol and cigars were astounding.

    Same damn thing the commies want to inflict, here. Just watch ’em, they’re gonna try.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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