1. Not to get crosswise with your knuckle dragging source, but I suggest a quick search of the term “Black Liberation Army cop murders” would apparently be enlightening. The BLA was the “action arm” off-shoot of the Black Panthers organization; membership in the former was recruited strictly through the latter, both as an ideological statement and as an effort to prevent LE penetration of the BLA (the BP were an overt political organization, thus the compartmentalization effort to protect funding sources).

    Interested readers are directed to the book: “Days Of Rage” by Bryan Burrough. The prose is – intentionally, I think, given the nature of the topic – a little dry, but the research and efforts to secure interviews with survivors of the BP/BLA makes for informative reading nonetheless. Do recommend.

  2. I, too, value Kenny’s opinion, but this time I think he’s wrong. Take a closer look at the photograph.

    The guy kneeling appears to be in violation of Rule 3, but the two men on the ends obviously have been taught proper trigger discipline. They had to learn that somewhere, and wherever that was, they may have also learned enough to disprove “and they ain’t nothing but mouth now.”

    But having learned to appreciate firearms and become familiar with them, they are still in support of a candidate who wants to confiscate all of our guns. Apparently, racial identity trumps freedom in their community — sad if true.

    The Old Guy

    1. Kneeling guy has his trigger finger below the guard. You can see the trigger. Odd way to hold the handgrip, though. People who are not gun experienced tend to do it that way.

  3. Seen elsewhere on the intarwebs: The irony here is that these guys are posing with firearms that their candidate wants to take away from them.

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