Changes Up & Down

A couple of years ago, the Daily Mail featured this creature in their coverage of the races at Aintree (Liverpool):

I know;  no man should, right?  Well, apparently the young lady saw the pic of herself, came to the same conclusion and did something bout it.  The following year at Aintree produced this pic:

Yikes.  Were it not for the tattoos on the feet [sigh],  you wouldn’t know it was the same girl.  Again:

Alas, thanks to the current trend towards radical feminism (“Your body is beautiful no matter what it looks like!”), coupled with the usual suspects (booze, bad diet, etc.), American girls seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

Try not to throw up.

Sad, especially when you learn that all the changes took place inside the space of a couple of years.

But hey… it’s a free country, so to speak, and these women should be able to abuse themselves as they please — just as men can exercise their choice and not date them unless there’s drunkenness and/or sheer desperation involved.


  1. A few months ago I saw a video of a self-proclaimed “fat girl” reciting angst-ridden “poetry” (poetry by only the loosest definition thereof) about how she’s fat-shamed by everyone including her doctor who recommended she lose weight despite her blood work, blood pressure, etc being perfect. Unlike the young ladies in your pictures though, this girl wasn’t a little plump/overweight/Rubenesque/curvy/zaftig, she was 400 lbs if she was an ounce and the only reason she didn’t have any health problems (yet) is that she’s 24 years old. Come back in 25 years and she’ll have first hand experience with diabetes/HBP/bad knees and all the other wonderful things that happen when you’re three times your proper weight.

    Oh, as my wife could tell her, the older you get the harder it is to lose, especially for a woman.

  2. This is somewhat extreme, but it is relatively natural to pick up a bit of weight when you get older, some self discipline is needed to reverse that.

    It is thus also a good argument for getting married a bit earlier, because it is easier to attract a guy (really goes similarly for guys but the looks side is less important and the career side more so). Marriages between 21-28 years old have the highest likelihood of success, I think it all correlates rather well.

  3. From the ginger in a black bra onward, I’ve seen those same photos as obese-to-thin, not the way you present them as thin to hambeast. Usually instahos want fawning over their losses.

    Someone is being played here.

    Either way, we needn’t go full hijab to be modest, nor full sloot to display reproductive fitness.

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