Invasion Imminent

So it looks like the U.S. is about to be invaded by thousands of unwelcome foreigners:

Central American migrants advancing toward the U.S. border in Mexico has swelled to 7,000 people
Thousands of mostly Honduran migrants rose at dawn on Sunday and continued their trek northward
They walked towards the Mexican town of Tapachula, 10 abreast in a line stretching approximately a mile
Police in riot gear were deployed at highway junctions and a military helicopter circled overhead
Mexican immigration authorities only allowed some 640 migrants through the border crossing Saturday
The slow process prompted several thousand to cross the river illegally by rafts or even swimming
President Donald Trump has threatened to halt aid to Honduras and Guatemala, and potentially close down the U.S. border with Mexico if the march is not stopped

I wish he would, and I wish he would send the U.S. Army (and not just the Guard) to seal off our southern border.

Also, I wish he would carry out his threat to impose some kind of sanctions against Mexico for just allowing this rabble to pass more or less unhindered through their country en route to El Norte;  and frankly, if he were also to suspend foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, I’d be just fine with that too. There should be consequences for this nonsense, and considering that one of the primary functions of the federal government is to preserve our territorial integrity, and our nation from unwelcome incursions, it’s about time Washington fucking D.C. woke up to this duty.

Apparently, the Democrat Party leadership and their sponsored mobs are in full support of these illegal immigrants — of course they would be:  this invading mass consists of mostly future Democrat voters, both legal and illegal — and it provides current U.S. voters yet another reason to vote Republican in the upcoming mid-term election.

Let’s just hope that Trump follows through with his rhetoric — which, considering all his bluster about walls and protecting American workers, he bloody well should — and stops this bullshit in its tracks.

Enough, already.


  1. Trump just cut off their funding. Don’t give them another dime without some serious conditions.

    The purpose of a military is to protect a nation’s border. If CA gets pouty about using the National Guard, use the real Army – or the First Marine Division conveniently based right near San Diego.

    1. “What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and an invader?”

      Mostly it’s the spelling.

  2. Amazing how a large group of illiterate Guatemalan peasants were able to decide, en masse, to march north through Mexico with the stated goal of crossing the US border illegally. Amazing how Mexico has vowed to stop them yet passively backs down from any confrontation. Amazing how this very sort of action was what President Trump ran his campaign on.

    Amazing this is happening 4 WEEKS before a decisive midterm election.

    1. “Amazing this is happening 4 WEEKS before a decisive midterm election.”

      Not amazing; quite predictable, really. It’s a deliberate provocation and one that had to be done now. If they’d done it AFTER the midterms, Trump could have gone full-bore slaughtery on them, without too many consequences.

      We’re not being played — the Hondurans are, as pawns. They are, in essence, human shields for the Democrat/socialist agenda.

      1. And the odds that the Republicans/Trump are behind this? Because that makes a lot more sense.

  3. “I suspect the biggest challenge might be getting the participants to not point rifles northward after resolving the problem to the south.”

    That’s what D.C. is afraid of.

  4. And under the category of ‘follow the money’, where is the logistical support for this march coming from? Thousands of people don’t walk hundreds of miles without food, water, medical care, toilets, and so forth. Where is all that stuff coming from? Who’s providing it?

  5. After thinking about this situation I fixed on this…What exactly is the goal of such an organized march to our border. Is it to push 10K illegals across the border? No….Is it to give succor to the weak, infirm, the fearful and terrorized? No…is it to recruit voters for the Dems? No….. so if the answers are no what is the purpose?

    It is chaos in and of itself. Tie up the Border Patrol and ICE. They want POTUS to send the military to the border. A mission they are totally inappropriate to carry out. The military get paid to kill and break things. Such mass death would be welcomed by the organizers. What wonderful television. Today streamed live across the globe!

    So have they done such things before? The answer is yes. THE ORGANIZIERS OF THIS “CARAVAN” WANT US TO HAVE 1900 MILES OF THE ISRAELIES ON THE GAZA BORDER. Constant rioting. Constant violence. Get the military to shoot young kids. Video of wailing sirens, ambulances, limp bodies, the screams of mothers over wounded and dead children.

    From your background Kim, what did South Africa get for the Sharpeville shooting? Or 30 years later Bisho? Or countless others I can’t remember….

    This is one right out of the communist play book. Stay tuned….

  6. 50,000 troops (the number I’ve seen quoted from Trump) don’t just magically appear. To get to the border in time to stop this horde, plotting, planning, logistical movement should be going on now. If Guard units are involved they should be gathering at their armouries.

    Anyone aware of an influx of pizza deliveries at odd hours at the Pentagon lately? Most major operations the last couple of decades, including Desert Shield, were telegraphed somewhat by the Dominoes index.

    Closest active duty in those numbers would be III Corps out of Ft Hood. Anyone noticing any purposeful scurrying thereabouts? Ft Bliss is right on the border but nowhere near the requisite number of bodies.

  7. Can Trump do an EO that removes the “anchor baby” rule?
    Then have him inform the Mexican President that we are annexing a ten mile wide strip of land on his side of the border to initiate an in-depth border security zone. Oh yeah, those towns on your side of the border, they’re gone. No reason for them to continue to exist, since they were only there to allow business across to the US town. No further access will be allowed across the border, to include manufacturing and food.
    Then have Trump do another EO that mandates severe penalties for employers that have illegals working for them in any capacity. Announce a limited grace period for all illegals to get themselves and their belongings across the border. Those caught after the time limit get escorted directly to the border sans accoutrements.
    Can the anchor baby thing be rescinded retroactively?

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