1. …just think what Enzo or Ferry could have created if THEY’D had cardboard to work with…and wind-tunnel tests validate the design!

  2. Little Johnny was significantly ahead of his peers when it came to insurance fraud.

    (Because who wouldn’t introduce that to a can of gas and a road flare?)

  3. After the budget cuts from paying the emissions fines, VW had to improvise to hide next year’s test models.

    When you want your bland car to look as fast as the women in the magazine you’re holding in your left hand

  5. Having parked a car on the street overnight in Manhattan once, I can understand this.

  6. Zebigneif at the cardboard factory would to anything to gain another 4 Km/l hence the ground effect skirts.

    That down force wing was a touch of genius but sadly the hood ram scoop and roof vents cancelled most of the gains.

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