Update: Vacuum Cleaner

Finally made my decision about a vacuum cleaner, and ordered it yesterday:

I know, I know; it’s not very sexy or modern, doesn’t look sleek and has only one function, but it should get the job done.  If you think of the above as the 1911 of vacuum cleaners, it will explain my decision.

Many, MANY thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.  (In addition to the Comments, I got dozens more via email, and they all really helped.  Thankee again.)


  1. So what’s the basic criteria for a new vacuum cleaner? It needs enough power to take the color out of linoleum but not eat up a lost sock and wrap it so badly around the brushes that you need an engineer to get it loose.

    It needs to be light enough that you won’t need a physical therapist to repair your shoulder when you’ve finished the whole house.

    If your house is dark enough that you need a light on your vacuum, it’s dark enough that you won’t see the dirt, so why vacuum?

    It needs a cup holder for your beer. If you’re living alone I don’t need to explain further.

    Glad I could help.

  2. Don’t need a cup holder for beer, unless I want to get the maid drunk.

  3. The gal who does a “deep clean” of our home every two weeks has one, and we bought one on her recommendation.

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