The old homosexual word for a woman is “fish” so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this headline (via Insty):

HuffPost: Women Would Rather Have Sex with a Fish Than a Man

Of course, it’s the Supreme Dreckmag itself, so I shouldn’t be surprised. However, unlike for most of their bullshit, this time there is some pictorial evidence to support their claim:

Once again, it is the extraordinarily-eccentric Helena Bonham-Carter so perhaps one should take it with a grain of salt; but still. (By the way: is it so wrong to find this pic very arousing?)

That said, I really do prefer HBC in more ummm conventional poses:

Were I not so allergic to manifestly-insane women, she might once have replaced Nigella in my Pantheon of Hotties.


  1. Over thirty years ago I was a district manager for a group of stores in the upper midwest. Turns out I had a group (coven) of lesbians doing creative stuff in one of the stores, they seemed to have a funky sense of humor. I made the mistake one day of trying to relate to them by sharing the old joke about what lesbians call an open can of tuna. The answer of course is potpourri and while I was supposed to laugh at their jokes, my joke did not go over very well. Seems as if them women folk really like to be offended.

  2. Wasn’t she some crazy aunt in Harry Potter? Thought she looked bad then. Not sure what I would do with her, maybe run away?

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