1. Holy crap! Is that a sinking cruise ship? I was fixed on the water slide that does not seem to exit into the empty pool. Then I noticed the raft in the bottom right.

  2. Oh look, there’s my friend on shore, let me get a little closer so he can see my nice ship……

    (If I’m not mistaken the picture is of the Costa Concordia which ran aground because the captain was trying to get closer to shore so his friend on shore could see him. 32 people died in the accident.)

  3. Easy ocean access! Custom pool! Low down, negotiable payments! Some maintenance required.

  4. United Airlines: Hey, watch me forcibly remove a passenger who paid for his seat ’cause WE overbooked the flight!

    Captain of Costa Concordia: Bruh, I removed EVERYBODY from my ship by making it roll over AND killed 32 passengers…your s#*t’s WEAK!

  5. I TOLD you that woman was too heavy for the water slide! But did you believe me? NOOOOOOOOooooo! Now look what happened!

  6. “Waddaya mean look for the Lido deck? Did you think to ask her WHY these cruise tickets were so cheap?”

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